September 22, 2016

40 Better Hours day 4: The magic of collaboration

“If we’re only relying on one group to come up with the future of journalism, whether it’s digital or traditional journalism, then we’re relying on a finite amount of resources." — Carla Zanoni, Executive Emerging Media Editor, Audience Development, The Wall Street Journal

Hi friends!

There's a lesson that we all learn in the workplace at some point: You can’t accomplish much without knowing how to collaborate.

Carla Zanoni and Jennifer Hicks work together at The Wall Street Journal. Both women have important jobs that require managing people, resources and expectations. Their jobs also require knowing how to collaborate effectively. In today's video, they share their experiences in doing just that.

We hope you’ll join us for our Facebook Q&A with Jennifer and Carla this afternoon at 1 p.m. Eastern. They both are full of terrific advice —Carla participated in a great ONA panel last week — and have lots of tips to share on how to succeed in a stressful news environment.

(One quick note about today’s video: We ran into some problems that resulted in less-than-stellar audio quality. We hope you can look past it and focus on the more-than-stellar advice that Carla and Jennifer shared with us.)

Better together
It’s clear that Jennifer and Carla enjoy working together. The two of us have a similar relationship — we’re always eager to dream up new ideas and partner on big projects.

So for today's challenge, we want to meet your workplace partner-in-crime. Who’s someone you enjoy collaborating with, and why? They can be a current coworker, or someone you miss from a past job.

Share the love on Twitter using #40BetterHours. Or, even better, post a coworker selfie on Instagram with the same hashtag! And you can always email us at We’ll include some of our favorite shoutouts in tomorrow’s newsletter.

Flip the script
Yesterday we asked you to take a workplace frustration and invert it as a job responsibility. While we heard from many of you that you really enjoyed the exercise, only one soul was brave enough to share his response. Bravo to Tim McCollum of Internal Auditor Magazine:

I’m frustrated by: The mad rush to keep track of assignments that aren’t part of the magazine’s editorial schedule (social, online, news, promotional campaigns) — and respond to the “have you done that?” questions that inevitably come up about them. That is, the one thing I didn’t do.

That means it’s my job to: Create my own schedule/workflow that accounts for those unscheduled assignments so that I know their status and I’m prepared to respond to questions.

Nicely done, Tim! And don’t fear, friends: It’s never too late to try your own inverted statement.

We’re in the home stretch
There’s just one day left in 40 Better Hours week, which is bittersweet. We’re sad to see it end, but so excited for you to take this week's lessons and start putting them into practice. For now, you should feel good about taking the time to participate in this project. It’s not easy to prioritize this kind of work.

Well done, you.

Ren and Katie
Team #40BetterHours

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