January 10, 2014

8muses: Milftoon, Palcomix, Dreamtales

New comics are here.

Milftoon / Thanksgiving Completed
Milftoon / Milky 4 Completed
Milftoon / Hell-o-Ween +3
Dreamtales Comics
Kirtu / XXX Apartments 12-15
Palcomix / Go My Way
Palcomix / The Honeyglows
Hentai / Asagi Ryuu
Hentai / Menyoujan
Hentai / Katsura Yoshihiro
Hentai / Kishizuka Kenji

Hey guys, whats up? Some changes that were made in the last few days:
I changed the gallery viewer. Its not longer javascript but static HTML, lots of people asked it. Plus it gives a bonus to income (yeap, thats still a problem for the website).
The website is kinda slow because I had to invalidate all cache and delete all thumbnails. Until it re-generates and caches everything it will be slow. Sorry for that. Hopefully some day I will get a better server.
Please promote the website as much as you can, it helps all of us. Lets make it the best comics hosting website out there.

You can reply to this email to contact me. Give me your ideas and feedback. Feel free to share your comics collections too.

P.S. Please post this update to /r/8muses don't let the subreddit die.