April 15, 2015

Never let go, dear listeners. Our Titanic episode is here!

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A Giddy Look Back

We were a little nervous to revisit a blockbuster that felt like such a.. grandiose part of our film-viewing history but were pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable Titanic continues to be and how differently Leo's "Never let go" reads to us as grown-ass ladies vs. weepy, hormonal teen girls. That said, I think it's important to remember how valuable teen girl fandom was to keeping this particular film at the forefront of 90s popular culture and on screens (the film was in North American movie theaters for more than 9 months!).

To help us navigate our way through the nostalgia of this 1997 gem, we invited Titanic fan, artist, and filmmaker Claudia Bitran who is presently working on a shot-for-shot remake of the film, which we're looking forward to seeing sometime next year.

Plus: Hear about some of our listeners’ tender memories of watching the film, and tell us yours by leaving a message at 530-628-3379.

See us in person!

We have a few things brewing, but here are two events that you should attend if you're in the NY area this month:

Pause the Tape #4 - April 30th
Videology (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

Writers, podcasters, musicians, and film-lovers tell stories of where cinema and music intersect for them. In the fourth edition of Pause the Tape, Bonnie & Maude once again teams up with music podcast The Soundtrack Series to share tales of the dance movies we know, love, and have rewound in our minds long after we broke the VCR. Loosen those hips, dust off your tap shoes, and help us carry this watermelon to the dirty dance floor.

Join us for an evening of storytelling, clips, and feels. It's FREE!

Brooklyn Zine Fest - April 25th & 26th
Brooklyn Historical Society (Brooklyn Heights)

A free, weekend-long self-publishing event organized by Kseniya and her husband Matt Carman. Each day of the fest will feature a completely different line-up of writers, artists and presses with zines covering every feasible topic and genre (food, movies, feminism, bicycles, pop culture, etc). Our personal recommendation for just a few of the tables you should stop by: 
  • Film zines by Lunchmeat (Saturday), Horror Boobs (Saturday), Heretical Sexts (Sunday), Shock Cinema (Sunday) & STUDIUM/punctum (Sunday)
  • Music zines by Vinyl Vagabonds (Saturday) and at the Whim Quarterly table (Sunday)
  • A handful of other zines that we enjoy: Clown Kisses (Saturday), Deafula (Sunday), Crying Frodo (Sunday), Got a Girl Crush Magazine (Sunday), & Homos in Herstory (Sunday)
  • Visit the I Love Bad Movies table on either day to say hello to Kseniya, Eleanor, Matt and possible other surprise guests from our growing Bonnie & Maude collective of brilliant film lovers

Wondering what's coming up next month? Here's a hint..

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Interview of Sigourney Weaver by Jamie Lee Curtis

"When I'm making the movie [...] I work so hard, and out of the raw material that is the script and talks I have with the director, the writer, I create, I hope, a very specific person who wouldn't have otherwise existed. However, do I then attach and hang on to the finished product? No. The experience of the creation of the character is what feeds me, what excites me, challenges me."

Gillian Anderson: It’s time somebody was brave enough to ask me out

"Anderson is that rarity among actresses; one whose career has gained traction after she turned 40. Her star is in the ascendancy with the dark and gripping gripping thriller The Fall, now commissioned for a third series and surely a contender in the forthcoming TV Baftas; a new BBC mini series of War and Peace in which she plays socialite Anna Pavlovna; her continuing role as Hannibal Lecter’s psychotherapist in the US TV series Hannibal; and now talk of a reprise of The X-Files with David Duchovny."

Titanic By Dana Stevens

"Titanic isn’t subtle or tasteful or novel—if those are the only qualities you prize in movies, this one’s brushstrokes will probably be too broad for you—but it’s indisputably big and bold and beautiful. The movie’s themes—which go beyond star-crossed love to include class conflict, the ephemerality of human existence, and feminist empowerment through nude modeling—seem to swell up in recurrent waves, like leitmotifs in an opera. A soap opera, sure, but an opera nonetheless, complete with passionate arias (Kate and Leo at the prow) and grand choral laments (the still-jawdropping, and now inevitably 9/11-invoking, sequence where the ship cracks in two and the bodies slide down the deck into the water below). All I know is that somewhere around hour two, my intermittently muttered “oh, brother” suddenly started coming out as “Oh, the humanity."

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