April 22, 2016

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We hope to find all of you, dear readers, in better spirits even though the weather isn’t really as good as it could be! So, what have we been up to that you should be excited about? How about our most recent tie up with QuickRide? Why should that be of interest to you? Well, if you are a user of QuickRide services then you can avail the following discounts when you utilize DrivoJoy services:


a.) ₹ 50 /- off on first full service for users of QuickRide.


b.) ₹ 100 /- off on annual maintenance contract (AMC) for users of QuickRide.


What better way to help the environment this Earth Day than to lessen the burden we place on it by carpooling and ride sharing? Take a stand and make a difference.


Industry News

The top 4 factors that impacted automotive industry in 2016. The performance of automotive industry cannot be seen in isolation without taking into account factors like raw material cost, rates and of course, the policies. Learn more about how these 4 factors have made an impact on the automotive industry this year. (Link)


When will man become machine? The BBC looks into the science and technology that could one day bridge the game between man and machine. Professor Stephen Hawking chimes in with his thoughts on the development of AI and what it means for human beings. Exciting and scary at the same time! (


Thinking of picking up a new car this year? Here's a quick look at what’s new and landing on Indian shores in the automotive segment for the coming year. The list includes a few notable high end vehicles from Bentley and some more affordable but still reliable vehicles from known powerhouses. (Link)

The autonomous car’s reality check. As more new cars are fitted with smart-driving features, such as automatic braking, lane control and overtaking, technology will continue to lead vehicles towards full autonomy. Find out more. (Link)


Have we become too reliant on GPS? This satellite expert thinks so. Do you rely on your smartphone to get around than rely on your brain? This might be an interesting read and make you want to put away your GPS the next time you are traveling. (Link)

A look at what's missing from the Tesla Model 3 and what the author thinks of it. One of the most mysterious elements of the car is the dashboard, which has absolutely no detail of import — no display, no control, anything. That means there's no instrument cluster, among other totally normal things you'd expect to find in a normal car. (Link)

DrivoJoy Blog


Here’s some fun summer reading from our blog:


Self driving cars are all the rage right now. Companies across the globe are busy focusing on trying to work out the nitty-gritty and the legalese to get these self driving cars out to consumers. So, what do self driving cars mean for us riders? Find out (Link)

Forgot to service your two wheeler last week and now dealing with the aftermath? Servicing your bike or scooter is integral to keeping it in perfect running condition. Learn why you need to service your bike or scooter on a regular basis. (Link)

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