April 29, 2016

DrivoJoy Newsletter

Greetings from DrivoJoy!


The month of May is almost upon us and hopefully we’ll start getting some good rains before the month is over! Hot weather isn’t generally very good for our bikes or scooters and nor is it very conducive to riding, especially if you have a long way to go or a lot of traffic jams to sit through.


Friendships are harder to maintain the older we get. Let your friends know that you’re thinking about them by referring them to DrivoJoy. Every friend you refer will get Rs. 100 off on their first service and you get Rs. 100 off for referring them. The best gift is one that keeps on giving!


Speaking of giving, DrivoJoy has expanded its operations to cover more areas across Bangalore. Here’s a handy list of new areas that we are now ready to service:






Ramamurthy Nagar

CV Raman Nagar



Do give us a call or just visit our website to make a booking. We bring the garage to you!


Industry News


Motor shows are always really interesting events for automotive enthusiasts. They showcase the latest and greatest in technology and upcoming vehicles that could be released by most major manufacturers. The Beijing Motor Show was a showcase of some very notable cars from a variety of car makers. Here is a report on some of the most notable ones. (Link)


Here’s an innovative way to get people’s attention away from their phones when walking down a street. Traffic lights on the street! Germany is experimenting with these new traffic lights to save people from walking into oncoming trains as they try to cross a street while engrossed in their phones. A nice initiative I must say! (Link)


Lots of noise from manufacturers in India with regards to the recent ban on diesel vehicles over 2000 cc engine in the capital. Here’s a breakdown of some very good arguments against the ban by Maruti Suzuki Chairman R C Bharagava . (Link)


Singapore is working today getting driverless shuttles to transport people to their destinations on smaller roads. It showcases how Singapore is working towards being a leader in the race to go driverless. (Link)


Self-driving cars, meet rubber duckies! “Duckietown” class at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab teaches autonomy, aims to become global research platform. (Link)


More news from manufacturers with regards to the Delhi diesel ban. Mercedes India is planning on shifting all of its vehicles over to environment friendly bio-diesel. Biodiesel has several advantages over traditional fuels. It is renewable, biodegradable and emits less carbon dioxide. It can also easily take the place of conventional diesel. This could be a shift for the good of the environment and our health. (Link)


Copenhagen is known as a cyclist paradise, a place where the bike is treated equally, if not preferentially, to the car. There are long-running cultural reasons for this—the Danes are into bikes, period—but also more structural factors as well. One of those is how the city justifies its cycling investments relative to other modes of transport. (Link)


Expect to find more scooters zipping around over the course of the year. Two-wheeler sales will continue to be driven by scooters and their share in the industry will jump to around 40 per cent by 2019-20, according to a report. (Link)


DrivoJoy Blog


Here’s what’s new on the blog:


Tired of being stuck in a traffic jam on your way or coming back from work? We’ve all been there and know how irritating it is. So here’s an idea, instead of fixating on the jam and getting your temper up why not do something else? Here are a few ideas what that something else might be. (Link)


Last week we focused on what was happening in the world of self driving cars. This blog post focuses on how automation is coming to your car’s head unit and how it’s tied up with your Android phone. Read all about Android Auto and how it could be built into all our cars. (Link)


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