March 03, 2017

edsaperia digest #1

Hello subscribers!

This is a new experiment, where I will try doing a weekly newsletter containing everything that I post on facebook that week.

This will allow people to see things they might have missed, let those wretched souls without facebook try to keep up, and maybe it'll be valuable for some kind of public introspection as well. I'm going to try and do as little editorial as I can bear. Open data is good right?

The links will be not to the content itself, but to the facebook post where I shared the content. Often most of the value is in the discussion that happens beneath, not in the link itself, which is usually just a provocation. Feel free to jump back in and wake up those threads!

Let me know any suggestions or feedback, I'd be interested in how and why people might find this useful or interesting. I recognise that it's not particularly user friendly right now, but I thought I'd just get started and improve it as I go along. It would perhaps make sense to organise things into categories but I think that might prove very difficult and time consuming.

Of course, if you want the firehose in real time, you can find it here:

Okay, here goes. Earliest first: Phew.

By the way, if you are generally interested in the kind of stuff I post about, I recommend you check out upcoming events at Newspeak House, my latest project.