August 19, 2016

August Edition: It's Like the Game Ain't the Same...

by Meredith Bethune
food & travel writer
August 2016

What I've written:

Here's my ode to Rhode Island clam cakes courtesy of National Geographic's The Plate.
I also wrote a guide to Macanese food for Lucky Peach. It was inspired by my exciting trip to Macau in March.
I've officially left my position as associate editor of Eater D.C. During my last week, I got to write a story about entitled diners stealing rice baskets from Thip Khao, a Laotian restaurant in Columbia Heights.
Where I've been/where I'm going:

Hello from New York City! It's my final stop after visiting Boston and Montreal (where I rode a scooter for the first time, yay!) earlier this week. Then it's back to Rhode Island to prepare for the big move to Belgium. I'm also traveling to Portugal and Italy shortly after we get there.

What I'm reading:

I once saw my doppelganger in Amsterdam
After all these years, we're still fascinated by Macauley Culkin 
The Northwest's looming earthquake
At least moving so much has some benefits...
NBC Olympics coverage is so bad
Barbecue drama: traditional smoking vs. sous vide
The President is a feminist
Can I pick your brain?
Links for writers:

How to procrastinate
Strive for 100 rejections per year 
Social media tips from an influencer
Catch me in person:

I'll be back in the U.S. to speak on a panel entitled "Close to Home: The Beginner's Practical Guide to Travel Writing" at BinderCon in New York City. It's happening Saturday, October 29. Get tickets here
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