July 22, 2016

July Edition: We're Moving On...

by Meredith Bethune
food & travel writer
July 2016

Life update:

Dustin and I are getting ready to move to Belgium for at least a year! Unfortunately we have to leave D.C. by the end of the month. Then we'll be in Rhode Island for several weeks to make preparations before heading to Europe. I'll still be writing and traveling from there (and we're taking the cat of course). 

What I've written:

My recent trip to the U.K. inspired this article about trendy new Scottish gins for PUNCH.
I'm still posting on Eater D.C. through the end of the month while transitioning out of the associate editor job. All my posts are here.

Where I've been/where I'm going:

I just got back from a great visit to San Francisco that convinced me it has the best food in the country. We had Vietnamese-style Dungeness crab, exquisite Chinese-American food, and lots of Mexican ranging from cheap to upscale.  We even took a questionable party bus tour to some Napa Valley wineries. Next I'm heading home to Rhode Island, which will act as our home base in August. I'm also visiting Montreal and New York City next month.


What I'm recommending:

I recently changed my phone service from AT&T to Google Fi. I could go on and on about how it's so better than my previous provider. But there's one huge advantage over them all-- you can use data in over 135 countries with no extra charges. It's completely seamless. I often tether my laptop to my phone during bus rides in random places like the Bulgarian countryside and still get work done. Giving up my iPhone was so worth it. 

What I'm reading:

Is it fair for a critic to review a restaurant less than a month after it opens?
I agree with this essay on what it's really like to be a food writer
When will Native American foods have their day?
Albert Einstein on American race relations
Why France has the highest birth rate in Europe
Apparently Adnan Syed of "Serial" fame is getting a new trial
I'm "over" the search for authentic foods
Transgender men have a unique perspective on sexism
Roald Dahl's most famous food inventions
Where's the outpouring for the attacks on Turkey and Iraq?
imposter syndrome is actually positive

Links for writers:

Hearst (thankfully) kills "The Mix"
Which travel writer's association should you join?
How to be a writer 
Try pitching Air Canada's inflight magazine

Catch me in person:

I'll be back in the U.S. in October to speak on a panel titled "Close to Home: The Beginner's Practical Guide to Travel Writing" at BinderCon in New York City. Get tickets here

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