July 28, 2017

Second Thoughts: July Edition

Second Thoughts

by Meredith Bethune
travel writer
July 2017
Hello from Zimbabwe! I just landed here after spending an incredible week in South Africa (Cape Town is in the photo above). This newsletter is going to be exceptionally short as I leave behind the laptop in favor of exploring Victoria Falls. But expect tons of photos next month. 

After this epic trip, I'm looking forward to some downtime just traveling around Belgium and maybe some surrounding countries. I don't post all my photos to Facebook, so it's best to follow my travels on Instagram or Twitter

What I'm writing:

I’m very excited to share my first article for Vogue. It's about the De Stijl art exhibits happening across The Netherlands this year. I hope Anna Wintour read it :)

Here’s a list of overlooked cheese destinations for Tasting Table. I even incorporated some on-the-ground research from my time in South Africa. 

I’m been fortunate to visit my favorite European city, Amsterdam, several times while living in Belgium. Here are a few of my favorite restaurants for Tasting Table.

Our BinderCon panel from back in October also got a shout out

What I'm reading:

The best summary of Texas by my parents’ old friend Lawrence Wright
My friend Nadia writes about the role of food in South Asian families
I love this French marching band’s Daft Punk medley for Bastille Day 
Speaking of France, here’s one American expat’s take on healthcare there 
Freelancing indeed takes a toll on mental health 
Use your money to buy time instead of things
Yes, I definitely watched the OJ parole hearing, even from South Africa
How to banish negative thoughts


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