June 30, 2017

Second Thoughts: June Edition

Second Thoughts

by Meredith Bethune
travel writer
June 2017

It's been awhile. Where did the time go? I spent almost two weeks traveling around Ireland, briefly returned to Belgium, and then left for another two weeks to visit the U.S.A. (New Orleans, Rhode Island, and Boston specifically).

I really believe no trip to the Emerald Isle is complete without visiting Northern Ireland. We saw all the famous sectarian murals and also visited the absolutely breathtaking coastline. It was fascinating to be there right before the U.K.'s general election earlier this month and see all the political signs. The region is very peaceful right now, but I hope Brexit doesn't stir-up antagonisms. (you can read all about the looming border problems for Northern Ireland here in the New York Times)

Now I'm getting ready for another big trip: I'm headed to South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Botswana later this month. I don't post all my photos to Facebook, so it's best to follow my travels on Instagram.

What I've written:

My first piece for Travel + Leisure's print magazine came out this month-- it's about Antwerp's growing food scene
Here's another print clip: my story about Belgrade is out in the latest issue of Virtuoso Life
Then I wrote about discovering Bosnian coffee in, of course, Bosnia
Next, here's how to enjoy a long weekend in Brussels in Tasting Table
And I wrote about the best castle hotels in Ireland for Jetsetter

What I'm reading:

Here's a great summary on the reality of being a travel writer
Confused about the cultural appropriation in food debate? Here's how to understand.
How did I miss this podcast about my home state when it first came out? I binge listened to all the Crimetown episodes about Providence in about two days
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Are you a woman who feels pressure to use exclamation points at work? Me too!
New theories on who killed Otto Warmbier 
A little humor about dieting 
What O.J. Simpson means to Ta-Nahisi Coates
On the California session movement 
Why Food & Wine is moving to Birmingham
I just finished re-watching the entire Sex and the City series
A description of working from home that's too real
I plan on downloading this public speaking app
I've also noticed millennials are obsessed with self-care

For writers:

Check out some solid tips for getting coveted travel writing assignments
Things that annoy all freelancer writers
How to break into food writing 

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