November 21, 2016

Second Thoughts: November Edition

by Meredith Bethune
food & travel writer
November 2016

Where I've been/where I'm going:

It's a short newsletter because I've been gone so much. I went to New York City last month to speak on a travel writing panel at BinderCon and also visited D.C. and Rhode Island. After returning to Belgium for four days, I flew off in the other direction to spend a week in Singapore! Now I'm heading to Rotterdam in The Netherlands this weekend. 

What I've written:

Inspired by my recent binge-watching of the entire Downton Abbey series, I wrote Amazing Chateaus You Can Actually Sleep In for Jetsetter.


What I'm reading:

Phil Collins is back
Looks like John Adams outed Jefferson's "relationship" with Sally Hemmings
Some hope for making your cat less annoying
I'm dying to see the new Oasis documentary
Courtney Love + Ann Friedman is a great combination

Links for writers:

Reasons to turn down a writing assignment
Common beginning travel writers' mistakes
More advice on why editors don't answer your emails

Getting ready to watch my favorite Christmas movie...

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