October 14, 2016

Second Thoughts: October Edition

by Meredith Bethune
food & travel writer
October 2016

What I've written:

Where I've been/where I'm going:

I'm back in Belgium after traveling to wine regions in Portugal and Italy. I'll be back in the U.S. later this month to speak on a travel writing panel at BinderCon. Then I'm off to D.C. and Rhode Island as well. Other than that, I'm hoping to do some quick trips to other parts of Belgium, The Netherlands, or France. 

What I'm reading:

This one's for my mom-- how the Fixer-Upper couple is changing Waco's reputation
Rick Steves met a witness to the Franz Ferdinand assassination
Taco trucks are as American as pizza
My favorite part of Poland is now deemed a "riviera"
An ode to Maryland crab
Jiro says stop eating tuna
This is what I learned working with undocumented immigrants in NYC
Why a Belgian teenager joined ISIS
The future of food criticism
The struggles of female bartenders
Links for writers:

Characteristics of successful travel writers
Writing tips from Rebecca Solnit 
Does it even matter that freelancers are rarely taken seriously?
Catch me in person:

I'll be back in the U.S. to speak on a panel entitled "Close to Home: The Beginner's Practical Guide to Travel Writing" at BinderCon in New York City. It's happening Saturday, October 29. Get tickets here.
Just leaving this here...

The Sopranos, one of my favorite shows ever, is still relevant during the 2016 election
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