December 16, 2016

Second Thoughts: This Christmas I Gave You My Heart

by Meredith Bethune
food & travel writer
December 2016

What I've written:

Condé Nast Traveler published my first article from Singapore about a Michelin-starred food hawker and his new restaurant
Two of my articles recently appeared in Dallas Morning News: the topics are mezcal tourism in Oaxaca and the booming dining scene in Greenville, South Carolina 
I researched the food of Belgium, my new homeland, for Lucky Peach

Where I've been/where I'm going:

I recently spent several days in Rotterdam, just a few hours north of where I live in Belgium. Now Dustin and I are road tripping it to Berlin (with cat in tow) for the holidays. I'm really looking forward to staying off all those planes for awhile. 


What I'm reading:

Adán Medrano is bringing more attention to true Texas Mexican food
Amanda Castleman writes about plane seat mates with humor and sensitivity
Tim Ebner takes one for the team and taste tests D.C.'s jumbo slices
Last Christmas by Wham! is the ONLY Christmas song I like
Kim Gordan and I both write for Lucky Peach now
Why more digital nomads are moving abroad
Pastrami has rules at Katz's Deli
It finally sounds like someone is really doing a Marvin Gaye biopic
I always pay attention to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Apparently Brits are going nuts for the Danish concept of hygge
Mexican food expert Diana Kennedy at age 93
The Cuban tourism boom has caused a food shortage

I endorse:

No, my internet does not have a ten-year delay, but I still swear by Getting Things Done (GTD) for staying organized. How was I introduced to it? When I worked at a non-profit in a former life, my crazy boss once gave everyone the day off to read this book. I've personally reaped lasting benefits even though it didn't save the organization. I couldn't navigate all the little tasks of freelance writing and book keeping without the GTD system and Things software to track all my to-do lists.

Links for writers:

The Guardian is looking for feature writers
Have smartphones killed travel writing?
What to do about a stiffed payment
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