September 16, 2016

September Edition: With My Duvel in My Hand

by Meredith Bethune
food & travel writer
September 2016

What I've Written
I composed a wine lover's guide to Seattle for Fodor's
Here's my art-centric weekend guide to Oslo, Norway for New York Magazine.

BONUS: I was also interviewed on my friend Denise's Bossy Podcast! I'm too scared to listen to it so please reassure me that I don't sound like a fool. 
Where I've been/Where I'm going
At times I never thought it would actually happen, but Dustin and I made it to our new home Belgium! I'm also leaving for Portugal this weekend and also going to Italy during the next few weeks.
Catch me in person:
I'll be back in the U.S. to speak on a panel entitled "Close to Home: The Beginner's Practical Guide to Travel Writing" at BinderCon in New York City. It's happening Saturday, October 29. Get tickets here

What I'm reading:
Tote bags aren't actually so great for the environment, either.
Britney Spears is stuck in another era AND just stop it, Justin Timberlake.
We're not ready for a Paul Qui redemption story yet. 
From "pickup artist" to pariah. 
Why hotels give you shoe horns but not toothpaste
How to fabricate a National Food Day
Vice's horrible treatment of freelancers. 
The slow death of Seattle's teriyaki scene
Bon Appetit's pho-gate really made me crave some pho. 
Links for writers:
Making it work as a freelance writer.
How travel writers make money. 
Use Twitter to be a better reporter
What I'm listening to:
I'm loving the Kill Fee podcast by freelance journalist Jason Fagone. He talks with reporters, editors, fact-checkers, news curators, and producers about how to navigate this crazy and often opaque industry. 

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