November 10, 2016

New Documents: The Bolted Book

A few days ago I received an email from my friends over at Designers & Books about an exciting opportunity that I'd like to pass along to you. They do incredible work and are a great asset to the design community, so I do hope you'll consider supporting their continued work for the advancement of graphic design history.

For those of you who are interested in the history of art, the history of design, and the history of books—here is your chance to own a book that is important to all three areas. WIRED magazine describes The Bolted Book by Fortunato Depero as "one of the world's most iconic design books.” Published in 1927 in an edition of fewer than 1,000 copies, this book is celebrated for its daring experiments in typography and graphic design, its innovative ideas  about design practice, and its reinvention of the concept of the printed book.

The Museum that holds the Depero Archives is collaborating on a Kickstarter to publish an exact copy of the book. This is your opportunity to receive this special book at a special price.

The least expensive reward tier currently available on the Kickstarter site for a copy of the book is $141 (including US shipping). We have arranged a special price for you: $109 (plus shipping of $14 for a total of $123)—for a savings of $18. Since this price is not available to the general public, here is how you secure a copy of the book for this special price:
  1. Follow this link to the Bolted Book Kickstarter campaign page
  2. On the Bolted Book Kickstarter page next to the video click "Back This Project"
  3. Click "Make a pledge without a reward"
  4. Enter $123 (which is the amount for the book and also shipping to a US address) and click “continue"
  5. Log in if you aren’t already or open an account if you don’t already have one—and then complete the pledge as directed
  6. When you have completed your pledge, please send an email to indicating your name and your shipping destination country and the code “SL Campaign.” After you send this email you will receive a reply that will be confirmation that you are registered for the special offer.
The Kickstarter campaign runs only until December 1.

The Kickstarter project creator is Designers & Books. If you have any questions about the Bolted Book offer, you can reach them at

This amazing 1977 dust jacket by Push Pin Studios founder Reynold Ruffins, despite being created more than a decade after his departure from the firm, exhibits strong aesthetic connections with the Push Pin vibe. It's a visual tour de force, both front and back. It is currently available for $35, which includes US shipping.

I'm in the process of building a brand new website for New Documents. I hope to have it online in the very near future, but until then you can keep up with me on Instagram. I've lately been posting great pieces by Erik Nitsche, Alvin Lustig, Elaine Lustig Cohen, Milton Glaser, and more. And as usual, I'd love to hear your thoughts!