February 16, 2017

New Documents: Valentines, Modernism Week, and More

Show of hands: who received a Valentine this year?

Despite it being Valentine's Day this past Tuesday, I'm not talking about a little red or pink card from a loved one. I mean the Pop Art typewriter designed by Ettore Sottsass, introduced by Olivetti in 1969, and publicized by these two incredible posters designed by Milton Glaser:

Personally I'd rather have the posters than the typewriter, but I delve into all these things and more in Object Oriented: Graphic Design for Interior Design Part 2, one of two articles I wrote for Extended Modern Comfort — a series that explores how graphic design shaped Palm Springs in the mid-twentieth century. After spending two days digging for interesting mid-century objects in Palm Springs junk shops, antique stores, and high end modernism dealer's shops, I dug even further into the graphic design behind the pieces ... and discovered some really important and interesting images. High points included Jane Martz's hand drawn catalogs for Marshall Studios, Bill and Jacquelyn Curry's work for Design Line, and of course Milton's Olivetti posters.

Bill Curry posing with a series of posters he designed for the Ramo-Wooldridge Corporation prior to founding Design Line. Photo courtesy of the Bill Curry & Design Line Archive.

Please come join me and my collaborators for the Extended Modern Comfort symposium, part of Palm Springs Modernism Week:

Extended Modern Comfort Symposium
2.25.2017, 7PM
Ace Hotel & Swim Club
701 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264

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