July 19, 2015

Mindfulness, or brainfulness?

Hi folks,

So what exactly is mindfulness? We’ll be continuing the conversation on complete mindfulness that started last week at Newtown Community Centre on Wednesday after our 25 minute simple meditation. Please bring along a definition of mindfulness that feels right to you.

Doors open at 7:15pm and the evening will end with a brief guided meditation from Despina.
The room has been getting a little crowded recently. If you arrive after the meditation has started, that’s fine, come in and find yourself a seat.

Worth reading this week
Sharon Salzberg, whose book Real happiness, the power of meditation, we discussed last week, has contributed a heart warming post on the power of generosity to the On Being podcast blog.

Winton Higgins will be teaching in Wellington in October. Here’s the text of a delightful talk he gave titled Kindness, why it’s so important, so fulfilling, and so hard. Also, you can find free to download audio recordings of some of Winton’s talks here.

Mindfulness, or brainfulness?
‘Mind’ is not the same as ‘brain’. While the brain is one of the most critical and interesting biological components in meditation, mind is a much broader term that refers to a process which perceives, recognises, thinks, experiences, responds and reacts to stimulus.

The mind is a component of the processes that make up the wonderfully complex beings we are, but shouldn’t be entangled with or mistaken for being ‘you’. While volumes could and have been written about what mind is, as an introduction to meditation this is a good place to start.

– excerpt from a new handout on basic meditation instructions, copies of which will be available on Wednesday evening

See you on Wednesday
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