July 14, 2017

Matching grant challenge! Stop Trumpcare in the Senate!



It is zero hour for the Republican healthcare bill in the Senate, which is the linchpin of everything for the Republican agenda. You can help efforts to stop it by making a tax-deductible financial contribution! Every dollar counts double because we have a matching grant!


Contribute here: https://populardemocracy.org/donate


What You Are Funding

Housing Works, Rise and Resist, Center for Popular Democracy, and others are organizing a massive protest action in DC on Wednesday July 19, when the horrific GOP health legislation is expected to be voted on. The plan is to have civil disobedience teams, including two affected individuals from each red state at every single Republican office in the Senate (and maybe the House too). The Center for Popular Democracy says at least 120 advocates with personal stories are already committed to going, from every state with a GOP senator. A mother of four from Arizona with stage 4 cancer. An orphan in a wheelchair from Arkansas with a connective tissue disorder. And more….

They need $75,000 to cover unanticipated program costs— mostly transportation to and around Washington DC and modest housing; many advocates will sleep on couches and in hostels.

Our Potential Impact

This morning we just got an anonymous matching grant of $2,000 from a generous fellow Brooklynite. We have set an ambitious goal to raise $10,000 by Monday morning to sponsor 20 people to travel to DC for this action.


We need your contributions for the $2,000 match to become real!

Contribute here: https://populardemocracy.org/donate


How to Contribute

1. To Meet the Matching grant of $2,000

Tax Deductible?



About the Charities

  • The Center for Popular Democracy, founded in 2012, has an annual budget $14 million according to Guidestar; it is located in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

  • Housing Works has been around for decades as an AIDS/HIV activist advocacy organization, also headquarted in Brooklyn has an annual budget of $65 million.

  • Both are nonprofits. Contributions are tax deductible.


Notes from the Organizers


From Center for Popular Democracy:

We are planning for actions on Monday and Wed Your contributions will not only for sure go to the actions, it will be used to spend on just getting activists to DC and into action. 

  • “It will go to help Andrea, a mother of 5 children from Brooklyn. She relies heavily on Medicaid and believes that her youngest child would die without it. Andrea is Hasidic so asking her to travel to DC with people who were VERY different than her was one thing. Asking her to be arrested by the police (mostly men) was also very serious. But as you know, mothers will do anything for save their children.

  • Or it might go to reimburse Chuckie from Ohio. He never was arrested before. He found out about our action 3 weeks ago and showed up, not knowing anyone. When he heard about the second action he told me that he would drive. Anyone. From anywhere. He would make 2 trips. Chuckie is sick and out on disability. He isn't wealthy, or even middle class. He is struggling. Chuckie picked up Olga, who is in a wheelchair. She made him listen to the Ukrainian music she taught. They are fast friends. They even shared a room. They are vastly different ages and are from very different backgrounds. Chuckie told me he will drive back to DC for next week's actions. 3 in a row for him. He also made a donation.

  • The list goes on and on.”


From Housing Works:

States targeted: “Every state with at least one Republican senator: our goal is to have civil disobedience action at the office of all 52 Republican senators. Those traveling from states with two Democratic senators will support those coming from states with less than 10 people traveling, so that all teams have at least 10 people, with at least one constituent from that state.

Money: The more money we can raise, the more people we can get there, and so having your help would be great.



FROM HOUSING WORKS: “We would love to have people from Get Organized BK travel down on Wednesday morning -- we're going to need several hundred New Yorkers to make the trip. Buses are being arranged and paid for by Housing Works.”


Please circulate this note to friends and family who a) stand to lose coverage if the GOP bill passes, or b) who would love to see the signature GOP “repeal/replace” initiative fail.  


- #GOBK Safety Net Defense

Photo Source: Ben Moffat/Cronkite News