November 12, 2016

Technoccult News: Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus Fistfight in Hell.

Yeah, this one is probably gonna lose me some readers.

I used think that running for high office would take years of experience, billions of dollars, and a cleaner history than i may have. Turns out you just have to be willing to lie forever to get what you want.

And also California and Oregon are talking about secession, now. When's somebody down at the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests going to do the Great Ghost Dance, so we can kick this off proper?

Because, honestly, what do you think? Damien Williams 2020? I can see the ads now:

[Soft guitar music starts playing, voice over announcer speaks] In these hard times, we need someone willing to do what it takes to get things done.

Someone who knows that, sometimes, the old ways are best.

[Woman speaking] I lost my job when the horde of Nergalic demons from Beyond Putrescence turned the Earth's ice into some kind of flaming ash sludge. But now I know that those demons will get what's coming to them.

[VO announcer] Damien Williams: He'll Rule This Benighted Hellscape.


Hello from the Southeastern Corner of These United States

+-"…I've seen this room and I've walked this floor"+-
Many of the people who voted for this, and things like it around the world, see many of us—women, minorities, immigrants, LGBTQIA folks, disabled folks, neurodivergent folks—as less than "real" people, and want to be able to shut us up using whatever means they deem appropriate, including death.

The vice president elect thinks gay people can be "retrained," and that we should attempt it via the same methods that make us side-eye dog owners

My cousin had food thrown at her in a diner, last week. Like it's 1956, or some shit.

They want us dead or silent and "in our place," now, just as much as ever. All we want is equal respect, life, and justice.

I said it Tuesday night and I'll say it again: there's no take-backsies, here. To those who actively voted for this, or didn't actively stand against it: You did this. You cultivated it.

And anything you do to "fix" it will have consequences and repercussions that you have proven yourselves OBVIOUSLY ill-equipped to foresee, let alone handle. So. Cheers.

To the rest of us: Work begins as soon as we can get ourselves together enough to get started. If that's today? Great. If it's next week? Also great.

And from now on, remember to fight as if there is an invisible opposing force at least least twice as large as the force you Can see.

Because there is.

-+"…I'm coming now, I'm coming to reward them"+-
[Soft guitar music starts playing; image up on me] Hello. I'm Damien Williams. I know by now some of you have heard my opponents claiming that I'm somehow at fault for the hordes of demons grinding the bones of your loved ones into a still-sentient paste. So I just want to take this time to say, once and for all, that I am in no way responsible for these demons.

Demons are ageless, deathless ranks of fallen angels that reckon not time, as you or I, but if they did, they'd be Billions of years old, and so would have long-since taken clear responsibility for their Own Actions. My opponents are merely looking for someone to blame. Maybe they should look inside themselves.

And if they don't know how to look inside themselves? Well there's a horde of demons out there, more than willing to help us all learn.

And I know how to stop them.

I'm Damien Williams, and I'll Rule This Benighted Hellscape.


-+"…There were lots of invitations, and I know you sent me some"+-
Please remember that there is a large contingent of people who, for many various reasons, cannot be out there protesting. Shaming people who have anxiety, depression, crippling fear of their LIVES, or are trying to not get arrested so their kids can, y'know, EAT FOOD? Doesn't help.

Show some fucking compassion. Urge and offer assistance where you can, but if someone tells you they CANNOT, then try to understand and alleviate the WHY.

-+"…Everybody knows"+-
[Angry Piano Chords over a picture of my face in red-tinged monochrome; voice over announcer speaks] Damien Williams says he's not responsible for the gibbering hordes of ravenous, trillion-eyed, billion-winged monstrosities hovering outside your windows, screech-whispering your darkest fears and greatest secrets into the souls of everyone you love.

[Angry dramatic sting; images of people cowering from…that.] He says he's not to blame for the fact that every time your best friend tries to speak to your mother, all that comes out is Polaroids of every fantasy they ever had about her.

[Angry dramatic sting; image of that.] He says that if we elect him to rule this Benighted Hellscape, he'll keep us all safe. But what do we really know about his intentions?

[Multiple angry dramatic stings and door-slam noises over images of me smiling and laughing] Damien Williams: Bad for your fears. Bad for your best friend. Bad for this Benighted Hellscape.


-+"…And some of them are with me"+-
I'm seriously considering questions of what to do next, with myself. I'm thinking about where my skills and knowledge will be put to best use. Should I stay here, and try to get things done in my community? Should I move back north and find some kind of safety and security in academia, telling myself I'm prepping for the future? Should I leave the country? Seriously, really: Should I?

Because something I don't think people are really getting, in all of this, is that people aren't just afraid of a loss of their way of life, or their position in the status quo, in the way that a lot of people who voted for this outcome were. They're terrified that they're going to be harassed, spat on, deported, disappeared, beaten, killed, sterilized, lynched, and that it's going to be seen as "okay." And if you think that's hyperbole, if you think that's "whinging" as the the UK's Boris Johnson so eloquently put it, then you need to breathe deep, clear your mind, heart, and eyes, and go look at the fucking news.

This, right here, is the fundamental difference between fearing the loss of your way of life, and the fear of losing your literal life.

So I'm thinking about all of this, right now, and more, and I don't have solid answers. All I know is that things are tough out here, right now, and decisions are going to be murky for a little while yet. Until then? Breathe. Find something calming. Hug someone you love. Do your best to make them feel safe, even if you shouldn't tell them it's all going to be okay, because, right now, they maybe just cannot truly believe that.

And again, don't fault those who can't move forward, yet. Don't shame those who are tired and scared and just need time to collect themselves. Just do what you can to help us all believe that we can get through this. We may need to lean extra hard on each other for a while, but we can do this.

Take care of each other out there.

Until Next Time.