March 05, 2016

2016 - the year of change, growth & hopefully more crafty awesomeness

Hi TinyLetter peeps! March is here and it's time to send out a much needed update. 2016 started with some big changes! I left one job in 2015 and started the new year with a new gig. I'm working at Capilano U on a year+ long contract in the Communications & Marketing department. I'm lovin' my job! I work with awesome people, have an inspiring boss and I'm taking some free classes. One of the classes is part of Cap U's Community Capacity Building (CCB) Citation. It's been fabulous yet tiring. But soon enough I'll get back into my crafty groove. I have to! I have Crafternoons coming up.

With March now here, I've started prepping for the book launch and then author presentation for 'Raw Crafts'. This month will fly by! And big news - I have a date for an interview with Sheryl MacKay, the host of CBC Radio's North by Northwest, this Wednesday morning. So exciting! Stay tuned for info on when it'll be broadcast. In other news, I have no idea what to do for the book launch but I'll figure it out. And I have a couple of PR savvy BFFs who have offered to help me with the promo, planning, etc. Yay!

Otherwise I have a few Crafternoons lined up. One with my awesome NVCL peeps. The Easter Crafternoon is on Saturday, March 19th at the North Vancouver City Library. I also signed up to be part of NVCL's Adult Advisory Committee. And I signed up to be on the North Shore Advisory Committee for the 2016 Neighbourhood Small Grant. Both of my big time loves - the City Library and Vancouver Foundation. It's a great year for moving myself forward, feeling grateful and being a positive force.


The Book Warehouse on Main Street is hosting a book launch for 'Raw Crafts' on Tuesday, March 22nd at 7pm. I'll be there crafting and meeting new peeps. And signing books of course! This weekend I'll start my planning for the launch - invites, food, bevvies, etc.


I'm giving an author presentation at the North Vancouver City Library on Tuesday, March 29th from 7pm to 8:30pm. I'll be giving a talk, showing some of the crafts from the book and maybe even signing books. We'll see what I can come up with!


Here's the rundown on upcoming Crafternoons. I'll be adding more dates in the next while. Join me for one or more!

  • Easter Crafternoon
    I'm partnering with the North Vancouver City Library on Saturday, March 19th from 1:30pm to 3:30pm. Details to come!
  • Repurpose Old T-Shirts or Skirts
    I'm partnering with the City of Richmond for a Repurpose Old T-Shirts or Skirts workshop on Saturday, April 9th from 10am to 12pm at the South Arm Community Centre. Details to come!
  • Mother's Day Crafternoon
    I'm partnering with the North Vancouver City Library on Saturday, April 30th from 1:30pm to 3:30pm. Details to come!
Find more events on my Thrifty By Design website at


And look what time of year it is! It's time to apply for a Neighbourhood Small Grant - do good, connect with your community, make awesomeness happen with a Neighbourhood Small Grant. Thanks to Vancouver Foundation! I'll be applying for a grant plus reviewing grant applications. Got an idea for connecting community? Apply for a Neighbourhood Small Grant! Deadline for applications is April 4th.


What more could be going on?! I'm off to Havana in April to see Roly. We're celebrating my birthday and then our 1 year wedding anniversary. It's exciting times! I've also been helping him with his Facebook page, Tour Havana with Roly, and his website. We're a great team! Can't wait til he's here and we're kicking butt together always. Yay for love and finding your person!

Also I'm a Maker Ambassador for the 2016 Vancouver Mini Maker Faire on June 11 to 12th. Do you build, craft, invent, hack, create, teach, make? Applications to participate in the 6th annual Vancouver Mini Maker Faire are now open at


Big thanks going out to RotoVision Books, Book Warehouse on Main Street, North Vancouver City Library, Vancouver Foundation, Sheryl MacKay and Fawn Mulcahy.


Thanks again for subscribing to my newsletter. Hope to share loads of crafty & kewl news in the next while. Definitely join me for a Crafternoon or drop me line. Happy crafting!


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Denise Corcoran (aka Thrifty By Design) is a community catalyst, crafter extraordinaire and upcycler of things based in North Vancouver, BC. Her passion is to turn 'junk' into new and funky pieces. Sharing her enthusiasm for crafting and upcycling, Denise facilitates 'Crafternoons' throughout Vancouver where participants of all ages and skill levels learn how to make things from unorthodox materials.
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