December 03, 2014

Crafternoons, new partnerships & exciting happenings



I've had quite the crafty two weeks - 5 Crafternoons done, 1 to go & a couple more getting set up. I'm getting my workshop groove on these days & it's been awesome!

First I partnered up with Trade School Vancouver for a Jewelry out of 'Junk' Workshop. I love TSV! We had 12 participants who brought me gifts in exchange for teaching the workshop. Let me just say I have enough coffee to last me months! Was a truly great experience working with TSV & meeting new makers. If you haven't attended or taught a workshop with them - you really should check TSV out!

Next up were my two upcycling workshops with the City of Richmond. A day of crafting & making at the Richmond Cultural Centre with my partner-in-crime Emy. We made DIY stationery in the morning then Xmas ornaments in the afternoon. Lovin' my City of Richmond Crafternoons... And I'm feeling the love! I had quite a few regulars show up. Yay!

My fourth workshop was with a non-profit, charitable organization in Surrey called Keys: Housing and Health Solutions that provides basic services and support to disadvantaged and vulnerable populations. I presented practical projects like making mittens out of old wool sweaters for the 2 hour workshop.

Then I was back with my North Vancouver City Library peeps... It was a doozy! I beat my NVCL record with a turn out of 50+ participants. WOW! Me & 50 crafters of all ages & skill levels. It was fun! We made ornaments out of wool sweaters, junk jewelry, wine corks, cereal boxes... We kicked craft butt!

Next up? I'm back at the Guildford Library in Surrey for an evening of Christmas Crafts on December 9th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Maybe see you there!

And just when you thought there could be no more Holiday Crafternoons... I'm setting up a couple of workshops with Ross Road Elementary's Enviro Club. Fun!

Oh and I also have 2015 Crafternoons set up! For now I have 4 with the City of Richmond. Hoping to confirm some dates with the North Vancouver City Library. Gonna rock the Crafternoons! Keep checking my 2015 News & Events listing for updates.



I'm doing some of my own crafting for a Craft Fair at work. Hoping to get some ornaments, jewelry, mittens & more made for it. Kind of funny since I always give things away (yup - big believer in 'sharing is caring') but I'm gonna try selling some of my wares for a change. * fingers crossed *

2014 is ending on high note with a couple of neato connections... I'm officially a contributor for I even submitted my first post, DIY Xmas Decor Using Upcycled Materials. Super stoked to be working with these guys and helping get the word out on local news & happenings.

And I heard back on something exciting yesterday... I'll be meeting up with a reporter from go! Vancouver on Shaw TV next week to shoot a short segment on Xmas DIY projects. We're gonna make 2-3 ornaments on camera. I'm pumped! It'll be short & sweet but hey I get to meet new peeps AND craft with them. Yup - I am one lucky gal & I know it!



Sending out big thanks to Vancouver Foundation & the Neighbourhood Small Grants program. My grant covered the cost for the 4 Crafternoons at the North Vancouver City Library... 4 Crafternoons, 160+ participants, absolutely priceless!

Also super grateful for all of my workshop partners - North Vancouver City Library, Trade School Vancouver & Surrey Libraries. I'm fortunate that I get to craft with awesome partners & participants.



Thanks again for subscribing to my newsletter. Hope to share loads of crafty & kewl news in the next while. Definitely join me for a Crafternoon or drop me line. Happy crafting!



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Denise Corcoran (aka Thrifty By Design) is a community catalyst, crafter extraordinaire and upcycler of things based in North Vancouver, BC. Her passion is to turn 'junk' into new and funky pieces. Sharing her enthusiasm for crafting and upcycling, Denise facilitates 'Crafternoons' throughout Vancouver where participants of all ages and skill levels learn how to make things from unorthodox materials.


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