October 15, 2015

The lull before the storm

Things have settled down. What a year so far though! Got married, wrote a book and am now on the hunt for a third awesome happening to end off the year with a hat trick. Maybe another book? Maybe some sort of adventure? Who knows but I am open to possibility. You can plan, you can apply but sometimes life just hands you something great and ya gotta go for it.

The book is a prime example and now it's for sale online. I received my copies and wow - it looks better than I imagined. There's always small tweeks you would make, minor changes to this and that but overall I'm thrilled with what RotoVision Books has created. It's available online but won't be ready til November 9th. Want a better glimpse of Raw Crafts? Find a preview on Amazon. Don't want to buy it? No problem! The North Vancouver City Library has it on order so soon you can check it out from my FAV library.

Now that I'm 5+ months married and the book is complete I've hit a wall. A bit. All that excitement and now what? There's no lack of things to get done but I'm definitely feeling a bit stumped as to what is next. So I'm crafting... Truckin' along because that's how the magic happens. Right? We'll see TinyLetter peeps. Fingers and toes are crossed for more 2015 awesomeness!


I just got back from two weeks in Cuba. A few days in Varadero and a lot of time getting better acquainted with Havana. Was an amazing trip! Seeing so much change in Cuba. I'll be writing a big post this weekend. If you haven't been you should book a trip soon. Every time I visit Roly there seems to be something new to embrace. And I have to say Havana is one of my FAV cities to trek around.

Other wise there's a bit of TBD promo in the works. Will share more news soon. Anyone wanting to share tips and tricks on getting the word out about Raw Crafts definitely email me at deniseccorcoran@gmail.com.


Here's the rundown on Crafternoons for October. Join me for one or more! Find more events on my Thrifty By Design website at www.thriftybydesign.ca.


Big thanks to RotoVision Books, Lark Crafts, the awesome crew at the North Vancouver City Library, Kate at Bird on a Wire Creations and all my Crafternoon peeps!


Thanks again for subscribing to my newsletter. Hope to share loads of crafty & kewl news in the next while. Definitely join me for a Crafternoon or drop me line. Happy crafting!


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