February 03, 2017

The Missing Link #25

I am not a troll!
[Richard Nixon, AKA Linky Dick, for The Missing Link]

Why Trump's Staff Is Lying
Learn about higher-status and lower-status lies. The former are in fact proclamations of power.

The $99 Billion Idea
The excellent Brad Stone aims to reveal the real reasons behind Uber's and Airbnb's success. This is an excerpt from his fresh-off-the-press book, Upstarts: How Uber, Airbnb and the killer companies of the new Silicon Valley are changing the world. Stone previously wrote The Everything Store, the best book on Amazon.

Scott Galloway at DLD 2017
Look for Galloway's strong words starting around minute 17 of the video. With great power comes great responsibility.

Why Hollywood As We Know It Is Already Over
Nick Bilton on the film industry's denial in the face of disruption. 

Buy. Squeeze. Repeat
If you haven't heard of 3G Capital, now is the time. The Brazilian group already dominates the global beer industry, and has set its sights on big food. Some view its operating methods as controversial.
Bonus link:
Jorge Lemann: He Is... The World's Most Interesting Billionaire
A profile from a few years ago of 3G Capital's secretive partner.

The Misunderstood Genius of Russell Westbrook
A profile of one of the NBA's most electric stars, during a historic season.
"...in a world like that, Westbrook's approach to life might actually be the most rational one. You control the things you can control... and outside that you fling yourself with wild abandon, every day, at every object that seems worthy of pursuit. ...in the absence of certainty... we can bank on only one thing: total presence, total sincerity, total effort, all the time".
Bonus link:
Russell Westbrook: I Was Never Going to Leave
Sports Illustrated profiled Westbrook back in October, soon after the shock of his superstar teammate's departure (Kevin Durant). 

Every Frame A Painting
Here's a youtube channel you should subscribe to - if you want to know more on cinema. Every video is a gem.