March 16, 2017

The Missing Link #28

Keep starting until you finish [Seth Godin]

The Opposite of "More"
It's not less.

This Article Won't Change Your mind
Why do we hang on to false beliefs and ignore facts that disprove those beliefs?
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Why Facts Don't Change Our minds
In case you didn't believe the previous article, here are some more facts for you.

Domino's Atoned For Its Crimes Against Pizza And Built A $9 Billion Empire
A great article from BloombergBusinessweek on the chain's transformation through marketing and technology. The article itself is a nice example of a cutting-edge reading experience.
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How Domino's Became The Pizza For The People
A more contemplative article on the same subject.

71 Market Maps Covering Fintech, CPG, Auto Tech, Healthcare, And More
A massive compilation of market maps and unbundling/disrupting graphs, from the geniuses at CB Insights.

a16z Podcast: Tech and Entertainment In The 'Era of Mass Customization'
The name is misleading. This is a fascinating talk between Marc Andreessen and Netflix founder Reed Hastings. Hastings talks about the transition from DVD to streaming, how Netflix views competition, why it went into original content, how to develop more core competencies, and the fact there's still a long way to go...

The 100 Best Companies To Work For
Fortune's 20th anniversary list of the best companies to work for. 232,000 American employees from more than 1,000 companies rated workplace culture, trust in leadership, pride in their jobs, office camaraderie and more. The top 5: Google, Wegmans (grocery chain), BCG (consulting), Baird (investing), Edward Jones (investing). There are 12 companies that have been on the list every single year.
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Can AT&T Retrain 100,000 People?
AT&T - a newcomer on Fortune's list - is undergoing a radical process aimed at retraining its old workforce.

What's The Value of A Like?
"Our research helps explain why marketers are frustrated by social media - they are using it the wrong way". "The good news is that there is a way to convert likes into meaningful behavior, and it's straight out of the 20th-century marketing playbook: advertising".