May 02, 2017

The Missing Link #31-32

"Anyone who doesn't believe in miracles is not a realist" [David Ben Gurion]

100 Days: America in A Time of Trump
The BBC summarizes Trump's first 100 days. It's interesting to compare their summary with NBC News's summary, First 100 Days.
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What The Press Still Doesn't Get About Trump
13 lessons that the media hasn't yet learned about the president.
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Summary of 100 days of tweets. And 100 lies.

Study: Breitbart-led Right-wing Media Ecosystem Altered Broader Media Agenda
"Over the course of the election... the right-wing media system [turned] into an internally coherent, relatively insulated knowledge community, reinforcing the shared worldview of readers and shielding them from journalism that challenged it".
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Can Facebook Fix Its Own Worst Bug?
Facebook "sucks up lies... then precisely targets each lie to the partisan bubble most receptive to it". Is that a problem in Facebook's eyes? If so, can it fix it?

Selling Mark Zuckerberg
Is Zuckerberg running for president?

Linear Thinking in A Nonlinear World
Tell me, in which of the following scenarios do you consume more pizza?
A. You eat one 12-inch pizza.
B. You eat two 8-inch pizzas.
If you answered B - congratulations! You suffer from linear bias. 
Fantastic article from the Harvard Business Review.

The Six Main Arcs in Storytelling, As Identified by AI
When it comes to stories, what emotional trajectories do writers use most? And what do readers like best? New research using Artificial Intelligence provides the answer.
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Kurt Vonnegut on The Shapes of Stories

Disney's Intergalactic Theme Park Quest to Beat Harry Potter
Can Avatar and Star Wars beat Harry Potter in the theme park world?
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Marvel Rules The Universe
Disney owns Marvel now. It's interesting that Marvel is hardly mentioned in the previous story...

How to Create Loyalty Beyond Reason
Airbnb set out to prove the worthiness of creating an iconic brand. Here are highlights of its research.

What In The World Is Causing The Retail Meltdown of 2017
The rise of e-commerce, the over-abundance of malls, and the dining-out renaissance have coalesced to change the face of American retail.
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How Online Shopping Makes Suckers of Us All
"Our ability to know the price of anything, anytime, anywhere, has given us, the consumers, so much power that retailers - in a desperate effort to regain the upper hand... - are now staring back through the screen. They are comparison shopping us".
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Cities Seek Deliverance from The E-commerce Boom
Another unintended consequence of e-commerce: delivery trucks are choking city traffic...

An Inside Look at Bessemer Venture Partners' Investment Process for Twilio
An interesting behind-the-scenes look at Bessemer's 8 laws for investing in developer platforms, as exemplified by their due diligence of Twilio.
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Best Seed Pitch Ever
...and here's VC investor Fred Wilson's story of the first time he's met Jeff Lawson, Twilio's founder and CEO.

How Google Book Search Got Lost
What ever happened to Google books?
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Torching The Modern-Day Library of Alexandria
The Atlantic writes about the same subject, with more details into the legal setbacks.
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Google's Moon Shot
10 years ago, The New Yorker wrote about Google's original moonshot (at the time it wasn't yet a term. It was written in two words: Moon Shot).

Forbes' Top Influencers
Forbes ranks the top social media influencers in fitness, beauty, home, and (coming soon) comedy, travel, gaming, fashion and more.

Why The Menace of Mosquitoes Will Only Get Worse
From The New York Times Magazine's Climate Issue. Just got bitten writing this.
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How A Melting Arctic Changes Everything

The Grand Finale Toolkit
The final chapter of the Cassini spacecraft's remarkable mission to Saturn has begun. Read all about it on NASA's website, and don't miss the the image galleries, including the hall of fame.
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Here's Google's commemorative doodle:

UK Holocaust Memorial
The UK has recently initiated a design competition for a holocaust memorial in London. This is the incredible proposition by Zaha Hadid Architects and Anish Kapoor, at the center of which will reside a giant meteorite sculpture.
Bonus link:
United Kingdom Holocaust Memorial International Design Competition
The competition's site and the shortlist gallery.