June 04, 2017


May was a slow month. As promised, I tried to stay focused on getting work done.

The housing search is still unsuccessful and somehow frustrating.  After a couple of unfortunate opportunities, I decided to rent a place only if it's in my favourite neighbourhood: Praça das Flores. Wish me good luck!

One of the projects I was involved in for the last months is MOVIINN. Half of its team is in the picture above. The team helps people relocate. For now, it's just Lisbon, but that's about to change if we succeed in raising some money and hiring everybody full-time. I like the team, their attitude and the mission.

I also have an update regarding the personal coliving project. Slowly, but I managed to finish some features and at the same time, re-iterate on the overall UX. Overall I'm happy with the progress, but I'd appreciate some help. If you're interested in helping out with some front-end work, let me know, I could even squeeze a limited budget for you. Personal deadline to prepare a public beta release is by the end of June.

To keep up with my surfing, I spent some time in Carcavelos last month. This is a small city, with locals, and it's just 30 minutes away from Lisbon. Carcavelos is a good compromise if you want to be close to Lisbon and just a short walk away from a real beach.

One of the friends I made last month was a lady from France. She is 25, and she teaches 16 years old kids from disadvantaged families (Morocco, Algeria, etc. expats) in the suburbs of Paris. We had a great chat about the modern society, politics, leadership, sustainability. I have a lot of respect for people like her. But the anxiety my friend developed because of all these concerns is just overwhelming and unfair. If you find yourself in a similar situation, please reach out to friends and family to share and for support. Your health and your happiness are as important as almost everything else.

I'm happy to be back to listening to more music again. I have some interesting discoveries like the Febueder (reminds me of the Foals) and The National's EL VY and LNZNDRF. Also, next month starts the festivals season in Lisbon, if you're visiting, let's have a coffee.

By the way, I bought a flask in exchange for some Emirates miles! Next Monday I'm going sailing on a boat, and I believe it will be handy since it's a BYOB type of event.

Until next month.