February 05, 2017

Ilha de Faro

Olá from Ilha de Faro!

I have another couple of weeks here before returning to Lisbon. Southern Portugal is a great location if you want to take a break in the winter. Start by exploring Benagil if you are here.

Travelling, especially, calls for an optimized wardrobe. It also made me aware of the fast-fashion phenomenon. We have some companies in Europe trying to make a change in this industry. If you're curious to learn more, start with seagale.fr/en

Reading about Chuck Feeney was fascinating! A frugal philanthropist forced to go public despite not willing to become known.

A friend advised me to learn more about the Modern Portfolio Theory. This made me interested in the topic of investments (as personal finance, not VC) as a solution to my retirement. I will be grateful to read your messages on this matter if you decide to share!

Please do get in touch with me if you're in Portugal or going to Marrocco in March.

Until next month weekend!