April 02, 2017


I finally went to Morocco. It was a destination I was craving to see for a long time. I went alone and spent a couple of days in Marrakech. Next days I headed over to East for the desert and from there to West for the ocean. The highlight of the trip was M'Hamid (arguably, but it took me a 3 hours ride from Zagora using one jeep, two shared taxis, one motorbike and two camels to get there).

Morocco is a fantastic destination if you manage to limit the interaction with the locals. Culturally speaking, the society is stunningly different and can get you tired from all the negotiations and sales talk. I was lucky to meet my host Cécile in the first days. She completely took care of me for the whole time I was there (from accommodations and food to directions where to find good spices and gifts).
I do want to come back to explore more of the Morocco. Some of the places I'd love to see include the desert of Erg Chegaga, the High Atlas mountains and more the southern coast below Essaouira.
A note to everybody, try to get a car while there. Buses are cheap and everywhere is super safe, but the communication can take a lot of your precious time.

From Morocco, I did a stop-over in Barcelona where I had some tacos at Pikio and spent most of the next day at Federal Café Gotic. Both are some of my favourite spots in Barcelona.

In Barcelona, I took some time walking around Gràcia. There I joined a free graffiti tour. One thing to another and we ended in an underground art place called Susurro. The owners are friends with the local community and host all kind of events supporting the artists.
As usually, I'm always open for a coffee if I'm in your city!

My next month is pretty much unplanned. I'd like to spend some time in Bucharest and maybe see my parents in Moldova. From 19th of April, I should join a group of friends to go to the Resonate Festival in Belgrade. From there Berlin and back to Lisbon.

Until next month.