May 02, 2017


It's great to see your friends, especially when they have good news to share or throw nice parties together (picture was taken with a lovely Contax T3 camera of a friend).

At one of the parties, I was trying to share some tips with a friend on how to enjoy sipping rums (note, I love rums). Here we go (beware, works only with aged rums,):
  • take a sip, enough to wash your month
  • swallow and breathe, yes, breathe through your mouth slowly
  • you should taste and smell exciting things.
While in Romania I finally managed to switch banks and mobile operators. I kept my phone number, no need to worry. In case you didn't know, in the EU you're allowed to keep your phone number. It is the third time I swap mobile operators. I encourage everybody doing it if you don't like your provider (same with the banks).

If you remember some of the previous newsletters, I started reading about financial tools for maximising your savings. If you are in Romania, I recommend looking into Banca Transilvania investment funds: BTAM offers a couple of investment funds with different risk levels.
Based on last years performance they are one of the top open investment funds in Romania. I'm also researching alternative solutions from outside Romania (Swanest and ETFmatic are worth mentioning so far).

One of the last month destinations was Sarajevo. I spent there just a couple of days, and it is a fun place to visit. The Bosniacs have three presidents representing tree ethnicities with three religions, and somehow things work out well enough.

One of the lectures at Resonate I liked was from Dimitri Hegemann. He started in Berlin, moved to London and later to Detroit. He talked about the modern ways we can influence local communities and grow sub-cultures. His answer on how we can do better is to build night clubs. Clubs attract creative people and people with resources. Creative people adopt developing locations easier. And grow these places into small Berlins. Eventually, everyone wants to move to Berlin.

Did you know you can buy postcards at the airport, but nobody sells post stamps?! If you ask the staff, they will tell you they agree it's crazy.

For the rest of the year, I decided to stop in Lisbon. The plan is to find a longer term place during the next weeks. I'll be sharing my progress here on how it goes. So this month, there will be no new destinations to travel, just Lisbon, surfing and trying to get done the work I wanted to finish a long time ago.

If you're in Lisbon, let's get a coffee.