August 05, 2017


Olá amigos!
I hope you all are doing well and you're enjoying the last months of the summer.

Woody Allen and his New Orleans band were in Lisbon. It was a funny story, since a couple of friends, all bought tickets to their show independently. And we ended up knowing about each other just minutes before the show.
The Coliseu in Lisbon is located very close the old restaurant Gambrinus. It is a fancy place, but local people come often and sit at the bar for beers and the croquetes. Some say their croquetes are the best in the city. We went to Gambrinus after the show, and I loved the place.

I bought a ticket to The National. Their concert is in October, and the tickets sold out fast. I was lucky to ask about their show when I was going to see Woody Allen. Apparently, concert halls have separate ticket batches for the cashiers. If the show is sold out online, try the venue tickets booth, you might be lucky!

We went to visit the beautiful house of my friend's parents in Tomar. The story says that the French invasion was stopped at the fence of their place and, that you can still dig up remains of the French soldiers in the area. The house itself has a beautiful garden and rooms full of objects. I believe each of the items has a story to tell if you have time learn about it.

Close to Tomar, another friend owns an old olive oil factory. It is being restored and renovated now. The farm is surrounded by olive trees, and there is a river nearby. I'll probably return to explore more of that countryside.

I decided to buy a car. It's a Nissan Bluebird from 1990. I paid 500€ for it, and it's an impressive retro car: it has electric windows, AC, an antenna going up and down automatically and a sunroof. It eats a ton of gas, so I use it mostly to get out surfing with the friends. Next on the list is the surfing gear.  By the way, I learnt that Portuguese are very attached to their cars!!!

Finally, this month a friend is visiting me. She is thinking to move to Lisbon too. And it will be interesting to see how this city will work out for her.

Until next month. Have fun!