December 26, 2014

2k14 Year-End Extravaganza

Best Things I Wrote About in 2014:

The power of 29. The joy of Broad City. Hiring a manservant. The bro-zone layer. What women mean to the Supreme Court. Parenthood ambivalence. Tiny Beautiful ThingsRobyn and Christine McVie and Sally Ride. Emoji dreams. Tall-lady pride. Moving for love. How to build a girl and how to make a birth-control pill. The joys of consent and objectification. A defense of PR. "I'm not a feminist, but..." A new tech archetype. Disrupting discrimination. Millionaire new-media owners and depressed j-schoolers and the new dream job.

Best Things I Charted in 2014:

Staying warmLibido control. Normcore. Innovation. The Midwest. Crafts. Pubic grooming. Olympic training and failure to exercise. The concerns of straight male feminists. Dads and lifestyle bloggersRom-coms. Unfollowing. Instagram vs. IRLPerformance art. California. A turn for the worst. Overconfidence and being pushy. Getting way too high. Cups.

Convenient Year-End Roundups:

The best longform writing and some decent shortform writing. The best books and good nonfiction by mostly women. Various writers on their year in reading. The year in memes rendered as book covers. The year in Shonda Rhimes. 10 refreshing moments and 4 charts that defined the year and some good things to be happy about. Who says it's all clickbait? A pretty good year for government. The year in outrage and weed. Best podcast episodes ever. Best pop albums of the year. Memes of 2014. Best tweets of the year. The worst journalism of 2014. Predictions for journalism in 2015.

Best Books I Read in 2014*:

Thomas Page McBee's Man Alive. Roxane Gay's An Untamed State. Leslie Jamison's The Empathy Exams. Kiese Laymon's Long Division. Claire Vaye Watkins' Battleborn. Janet Malcolm's Forty-One False StartsMeghan Daum's The Unspeakable. Dayo Olopade's The Bright Continent. Dana Goldstein's The Teacher Wars. Mac McClelland's forthcoming Irritable Hearts: A PTSD Love Story

Plus, I recommend these books that feature my words: Pen and InkNo Future for You, Make It Mighty Ugly, and The Essential Ellen Willis.

*...which weren't all published in 2014.

Personal Bests of 2014*:

Best thing I did for work this year: Got day-drunk with Robyn
Best thing I stopped talking about and actually did this year: Started a podcast
Best thing an editor at a women's magazine said to me this year: "That's how big our feature well is. Eight pages." (Actually the worst thing. She wasn't kidding.)
Best vehicle I almost threw up on this year: A metal boat on a lake in Guatemala
Best thing I imported to the United States this year: My boyfriend
Best self-indulgent thing I chose not to tweet this year: "Just realized this thrifted Chico's jacket I'm wearing is basically a drug rug for moms."
Best thing I smelled this year: The inside of a whiskey distillery
Best recipe I perfected this year: Miso-wasabi-ginger deviled eggs
Best cartoon depiction of me this year: This poster of me as the "Haters gonna hate" gif guy

*I do this annually. Some years are funnier than others.

Our Collective 2015 To-Do List:

- Have a housewarming party
- "A friend did her taxes on my computer in March and I have yet to send her the PDF of her return papers.
- Close four bank accounts/cancel 1 credit card"
- Rewax Barbour jacket
- Get a bathroom mirror ("I’ve lived in my flat for 18 months. I live by myself, so I just go to my bedroom when I want to look in the mirror. Guests don’t agree with this policy.")
- "Ugh, I have been staring at 'Get your damn will done' on my to do list since I found out I was pregnant in October... of 2013.
- Buy ant killer. "They are invading my apartment in NYC."
- "Renew my drivers license! It's been expired since July."
- Run a marathon. Pay off credit cards.
- Do a home inventory. "I have been living in my home for eight years now."
- Frame and hang 6 or 8 AMAZING pieces of art.
- Buy myself a diva cup.
- Figure out iPhone, storage and cloud issues.
- Sell clothes to consignment ("been riding in my trunk for two months and counting.")
- Get watch batteries replaced. "My watch hasn't worked in a year…"
- "Frame my diploma. I graduated in 2008."

This is a compilation of your replies to this newsletter. Guys, I think we can do it. 2015 is the year we finally get all of this stuff done. And even if we do, don't worry, I'm sure we'll find even more things to feel bad about not doing.


Self-care resolutions.
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