July 02, 2015

A day early and a dollar short*

This week:

Some definitions to remember on the 4th of July. Why I'm very pro-LGBT rights, but not pro-marriage. The politics of public bathrooms—and how trans anxiety is fueling an invasive effort to regulate who's peeing where. And The Dreslyn interviewed me about my work.

I'm reading:

This. The right to be a black girl. America's postracial fantasy, through the eyes of a biracial writer. The case for still watching Gone with the Wind. "I had skin in the game. Black skin in a game where the odds are stacked against it." White people say the darndest things. A history of the gay marriage fight in the U.S. (well, in the non-native U.S.), and the fate of domestic partnership. Next target? Employment protections. How corporations co-opted #LoveWins. An ode to Jacques Pepin and an illustrated history of ramen. Iran's next generation. This is RikersThe joys of the Oxford English Dictionary. Last year's profile of Misty Copeland, an unlikely ballerina. The ghosts and grace of Nina Simone, and the canonization of David Foster Wallace. It's not your job to have a beautiful body. If you need me, I'll be coloring.


UnREAL. Good news: There's a song called "Ann Just Wants to Dance." Bad news: It's by obnoxious French hipster infants. Sylvia Rivera on liberation in 1973. Two women describe profiling and violence by the NYPD. "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up ... or stop smiling." This is uncanny.


Three day weekend, y'all. Stay hydrated.

I endorse:

Magic. Mike. XXL. 

My friend Hilda called it "a Homeric odyssey about female pleasure." It takes women's pleasure seriously. Well, as seriously as a plotless but self-aware beefcake sequel can take anything. There are ladies of all sizes and colors enjoying themselves. There are hot, confident women over the age of 50, and they get laid. There is a sexy moment with a bag of Cheetos (obviously in the above-GIFfed convenience-store scene). There are straight men who enjoy frozen yogurt and drag and reiki healing without getting homophobic or weird about it. Anne Helen Petersen writes, "The men’s peace with their place in the post-industrial world is what makes them so incredibly, irresistibly watchable." That, and the sequined thongs. As Jada Pinkett's character commands, "QUEENS, GATHER." If we must celebrate America, let's do it by watching Channing Tatum vogue.


"Fingers crossed that the @annfriedman weekly comes out today. I'm definitely riding a Friday vibration." -Judes, who inspired me to send this thing a day early.
This newsletter is taking tomorrow off.
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*more like a dollar ~in~ some shorts, amiright? Heh. heh.