January 31, 2014

A hairy situation

The GOP’s Tired Solution to Its Woman Problem - NYmag.com

The supermom archetype is perfect for a party whose policies send the message that if you’re not getting ahead, it’s because you aren’t working hard enough.

Pie chart: What’s influencing our pubic grooming choices? - The Hairpin

Answer: Not the style section or American Apparel mannequins.

Also I talked to 10,000 Words about the online harassment you can expect if you’re a woman journalist.

And for those of you in San Francisco, on February 10 I’m moderating a panel about love and sex in the digital era. The event is hosted by The Bold Italic. Tickets here.

I’m reading:

The art of gender judo. Why is everyone starting news sites when no one reads the news? Stop being so judgy and neurotic. Why audio never goes viral. An important story about nip-slips. The only response to online feminist drama you’ll need to read. Can’t decide how I feel about SodaStream. North Dakota’s 300 secret oil spills. Pete Seeger’s omelet ritual. Elderly Koreans hanging out at a McDonald’s in Queens. We want prenup! And contraception. And safe abortions. English speakers are bad at describing smells. “How are you?” Highbrow Snapchatting. The pleasing aesthetics of the Madonna Inn and DVF and Janet Malcolm. ASCII art, penis facts, and the Sontag archive. Dave Brubeck was the Macklemore of 1954. A stolen Stradivarius in Milwaukee. The day we lost Atlanta. A poorly named illness. Valley Fever. Why the Olympics are like the Hunger Games. The myth of the fag hag. The world’s gayest sport. A Super Bowl preview for people who don’t care about football. Though you should probably pay attention because it sucks up your tax dollars. Why you should always tip the pizza guy. ;)


Vin Diesel’s interpretation of the penguin waddle. Forever.

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Secondary endorsement: I can’t in good faith recommend this all-in-one breakfast sandwich maker (thank you, Nolan Feeney) because I haven’t tried it. Though I very much approve of the concept and want you all to know about it.


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