April 24, 2015

All the not-quite-single ladies

This week:

I reviewed Kate Bolick's new book, Spinster, and wondered whether it's possible for women in relationships to still be part of the single-ladies club. Are disagreements about Hillary already coming between friends? Here's a little chart about how Angelenos embarrass themselves. Pick up the new issue of Juxtapoz to read my conversation with the incredible artist Sarah Cain. You can also read about that time I met Mallory Ortberg, Issa Rae, and Pamela Ribon. (It was great.) And on the latest episode of Call Your Girlfriend, Amina and I read "Goodnight Menses" and talk about Toni Morrison's regrets. And I've got two more deadlines to meet before I can go see Amelia Gray read from her new book tonight. What a week.

I'm reading:

The 1.5 million disappeared. Actually, we see where they are. Freddie GrayRae Sremmurd & Earl SweatshirtCruising comes to China. I've never gotten the appeal of baths, but this is compelling. A dispatch from the Air Sex World Championships. Periscope's first star. Millennial hobos, Gen X icons, and boomer moms. The liberal lesbian activist in a powerful conservative family. The politics of waitressing. A new (cheap!) test for the breast-cancer gene. The FBI invented a field of fake forensic science. How a bot is born. Justice for Rekia Boyd. The weight of shame. Put your phone in its place. Why Pulitzer winners are working in PR. Purge-watching TV. Teen feminists! Robyn is up to great things. Everything Karl Lagerfeld hates. "Weed is a muse, I guess." A swiss cheese conspiracy


How to hate yourself. (The tall-lady internal monologue is spot on.) The last fuckable day. I can't wait to see Code: Debugging the Gender Gap. The hunting of Billie Holiday.


Also, this. Can you believe this song is seven years old?

I endorse:

An emergency contraception cheat-sheet. I had no idea that IUDs could be used in a morning-after context! 


"I am forced to wait until 9:30pm South African time for the weekly @annfriedman newsletter. Wish list for time travel." -Danielle Hervey. Maybe you should be thinking of it as early delivery of a Saturday morning treat?

"Only things I really missed during a week of unplugged vacation in Mexico: texts from my bestie & the @annfriedman newsletter." -Aly Yarris. HONORED. This newsletter is running into your open arms, in slo-mo, in the airport "arrivals" area.

"Pro tip for @annfriedman newsletter readers (and all media folks in the world). Safari>>>>>>>Chrome if you're opening a million tabs." -Ellen Mayer. Just passing this along.

"@annfriedman Weekly Drinking Game idea: a glass of wine per article I've already read, a whiskey for finishing the ones I haven't. #winning" -Maree J. Hamilton. This sounds like a recipe for extreme drunkenness and vomiting. Be sure to turn your head away from the computer.
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