January 23, 2015

An indecent proposal

Can We Solve Our Child-Care Problem? - NYmag.com
In which we mistake economic choices for cultural ones because we have absolutely no institutional support for raising children.

Translation - annfriedman.com
I received a terrible freelance proposal and decided to call it out.

I'm reading:

Ugh, men in "consequence-free situations." The women behind Lyft. Old white people at the opera have apparently never seen a black woman before. Oregon's bigoted origin story. Against Scandimania. Fantastic interviews with Bjork and Tracee Ellis Ross and Alice Munro. How to write an Oscar-nominated movie. "I had a great time in college, but it doesn't come close to touching my life at age 44." The truth about balding. Did the Brad-Pitt-in-Fight-Club body ever really go away? The woman who integrated McSorley's. Megyn Kelly. How Paper magazine's back end handled Kim Kardashian's. Schizophrenics are making more sense. The hidden costs of free community college. On medical schools and abortion. Coming out about miscarriage. Women and bodies and Russian baths. Portable showers. Don't call it "DTLA." A short history of the dining room. Normcore Norton Anthologies.


I'm writing this poolside in the desert, surrounded by fabulous women. As soon as I hit send, I am making myself a bloody mary. How's your Friday?

I endorse:

Men endorsing the DivaCup

(Context: My pals Max and Aaron offered to record a pitch for the product of your choice if you reviewed their Longform podcast on iTunes. I requested an endorsement of the Diva Cup.)


"Challah used to be my favorite Friday delivery. This is no longer the case. All hail the Ann Friedman newsletter" -Michelle Berkowitz. There is nothing more flattering than being compared to someone's favorite carb.

"Thursday will never be the new Friday." -marblehearts. Thursday can settle for the title "Lil' Friday."

"@annfriedman's newsletter is undoubtedly my inbox's favourite thing." -Lauren Currie. An exemplary inbox! Can your inbox give tips to all the other inboxes that seem to hate this newsletter and mark it as spam?

"If you don't get @annfriedman's newsletter, you need to hurry up and get your life together. I live for this ish." -Christine Jackson. Everyone gets it together at their own pace.

"Friday's fairy goddesslady of all that is good in links." -Olivia Aylmer. !!! I am stealing "fairy goddesslady" as a term of endearment.

This newsletter takes its bloody marys with sriracha salt and cheddar cubes.
Forward it to anyone who needs a savory adult beverage.
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