June 21, 2013

Animal instincts

It’s stone fruit season! #visualmetaphors

For Women, Is Masturbation the Last Sex Taboo? - NYmag.com

Yes, another sex column. On a related note, sorry for this tweet, but did you know T-Boz has a song about touching herself? This was news to me.

10 lessons from my first year of freelancing - Columbia Journalism Review

More than any other journo question, people ask me how to make it as a freelancer. This is how we do it. Also, I’m quoted in this excellent piece in The Awl about the sad economics of journalism.

Pie chart: What do we have in common with Kanye? - The Hairpin


I'm reading:

Jon Mooallem’s Wild Ones! Your environment matters, and so does sleep. "Drug culture is no longer a counterculture at all, but a site of overflow for the products of capitalism." Ugh, I don’t ever want to do drugs with Jonah Hill. Also, ugh, Rand Paul. And ugh, Politico founders—stop saying “atmosphere of sexism.” In news that will impact many lady-journos’ coping mechanisms, I’m getting scared about the future of martinis. Feeling like an old lady at the Warped tour. The horrifing story of a San Francisco girl, her pimp, and her parents’ revenge. One reason why cops don’t believe rape victims. Lindy West on comedy’s lady problem, and Patton Oswalt’s thoughtful regrets about plagiarism and rape jokes. Baratunde took a break from the internet. The stigma of workplace flexibility, and end of the daddy wars. The HIV epidemic in the South. How Didion explained Hemingway, how Vanessa Veselka struggles with imposter syndrome, how Alissa Walker found her way as a writer, and how female writers grapple with suicide. Selfies are back, apparently. So is Bill Nye the Science Guy. Although neither ever really went away.

Spirit animals:

Literally, animals. I’m dog-sitting all summer—a pit bull named Chuleta. This is kind of a BIG DEAL because until now my personal brand has not included pets. I did not grow up with dogs or cats. I have never dated anyone with a dog or cat. So far I have googled “how many hours do dogs sleep?” and “pit bull won’t stop licking her own asshole.” (I’m going to give it a few more weeks before I make the pie chart.) This weekend I’m also feeding my friend’s chickens. Yeah, I know. Dr.-Doolittling so hard right now.

I endorse:

Prosecco with Campari and seltzer and a lemon twist. On a porch. With a book or a friend. (I shared these with my pal Tim this week.) Dog optional.


This is excellent.” -Andrew Golis, who is now officially an expert on all things fresh in media, as he’s the new entrepreneur in residence at The Atlantic.

“I have a dear scientist friend who studies female rat sexuality (what a job!) so I was drawn to your article and forwarded it on to her with way too many exclamation points along with the subject long ‘viva rat clits’.” -Gabriella Hiatt, who made my day with this email.

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