March 28, 2014

Appetite for disruption

Silicon Valley Disrupts Discrimination: Now It’s for Middle-Aged White Guys, Too -

Fitting in is a full-time job. Tune in to KCRW’s To the Point at 11am PDT today and hear me talk about this column.

Will Women Ever Feel Completely Safe on Mass Transit? - The Atlantic Cities

I interviewed a researcher who did an ethnography of L.A. buses, and she confirmed the “melon-sized balls” phenomenon is real.

Pie chart: Why have we unfollowed you? - The Hairpin

If I actually practiced what I preach (er, pie?) I wouldn’t follow nearly 700 people.

My good friend Zak Stone quotes me in his piece on working while high. Yes, we live in California.

I’m reading:

A rage-inducing explainer about the Hobby Lobby case. How the internet works. Overwhelm. A letter from Facebook’s dystopian future. The real problem with #Colbert. How to Suppress Women’s Coding (with respect to Joanna Russ). “There is little room for actual subversion in architecture.” Failure fetishes and yummies. Pitbull smells good. Lagerfeld is into trainers. The Korean-American families who design your fast-fashion finds. Helen Keller on the symphony.The fight to protect interns from sexual harassment. Why Swedes are so good at pop music. “You’ve got mail!” Understanding trolls. A taxonomy of celeb divorce. Best lines from the Kimye profile. Maybe Pharrell should have titled his song “Get Meaning.” Growing up black in the whitest city in America. WASP. The myth of black pathology. Decolonizing the selfie. What to do if you misgender someone. “Remix and feminism go hand in hand.” California before the stars. Crazy Orson Welles. On the “ambiguity between the tangible and the fantastic.” It’s raining frogs. If James Agee joined Twitter. (And John Jeremiah Sullivan on Agee.) Inside a global security behemoth. Errol Morris v. Donald Rumsfeld. Liquid nicotine is scary. Boxing and brain damage. Women runners are leaving Nike. Why don’t foodies care about food workers? The arts of sushi and sleep. Midnight snacking with Maria Bamford. BFF group-texts are forever and leggings are a human right.


I confess that I thought Jason Derulo was white until this week. I have no excuse for this, but maybe it’s because he covered Imogen Heap? Shameface. (“please out that in your dvr section and repent” -Amina.) BBC 4’s 500 years of friendship. Flannery O’Connor and Virginia Woolf reading their work. A “Royals” parody about typecasting. The public voice of women. “Virtual Insanity” (cringe) with sound effects only. What Neil DeGrasse Tyson probably sounds like stoned. I also binge-watched a screener of Mike Judge’s new show Silicon Valley. Review forthcoming.



Congrats to my friends and editors who received National Magazine Award nominations! I know it seems insidery and kind of douchey to care about awards from a mostly irrelevant institution, but my editors work long, hard hours and I get all the byline credit. This is their chance to celebrate the good work they do. I support that. And them.

I endorse:

This effort to create a virtual newsroom for girls across America.

Our collective Twitter shame:

Prompted by this thing, I asked you all to send me your first private reactions to Twitter. A sampling:

“hella useful in the bay area for partying" -Kevin Monty

"kinda Oulipian." -Jess Zimmerman

“I don’t want to sound like an old man, but I don’t understand Twitter.” -Scott Burau

“is this like my fight in '05 against the word "impact"? because I will fight this Twitter the way I fought impact” -Amelia Gray

“no, i haven't gotten into twitter yet. i probably will eventually. i'm too much of a narcissist not to.” -Emily Rock

"Visit; you don't need to sign up. Just become a little bit familiar with what it's for.” -an email from the National NeedleArts Association to Kim Werker

"twitter is terrible" -Renee Solorzano

“it’s like blogging without all the bullshit.” -Nona Willis Aronowitz

“[automated email from my mom inviting me to Join Twitter]” -Channing Kennedy


"I blame @annfriedman for this REO Speedwagon earworm.” -Clara Jeffery. Let’s see if we can use our press credentials for tickets to the REO Speedwagon cruise. #ladiesoftampa

“Lady, your newsletter is the only one I read from a to z!” -Monika Zameta. Ann to Zameta!

“Got nervous when I realized I never received an @annfriedman newsletter last week. Thankfully it was just hiding in my spam folder. *whew*” -Maureen Oakes.

“Found the @annfriedman newsletter in my spam folder this morning after frantically searching my inbox. A pleasant Monday morning surprise” -Brittney McNamara. You guys, check your spam folders. Tell your friends.

This newsletter is like the internet without all the bullshit.

Invite your friends, children, and fellow needleworkers to join.

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