April 17, 2015

Baby, I got your money

This week:

Asking for more money is important, but women can't end the wage gap alone. A challenge to everyone: Share your salary information with your colleagues. 

I'm reading:

The first woman to run for president. Hillary is not inevitable. Don't mess with Michiko. A vodka tasting that is really so much more. A marathon in North Korea. The stories of Nigerian girls who escaped after being kidnapped by Boko Haram. How an FBI agent was punished for whistleblowing and ended up selling makeup at Macy's. What "sharing" means. Meet the lawyer challenging the "on-demand economy." Life advice from 16 female senators. Racial literacy for white people. RIP Eduardo Galeano. The history of the chola scene. An unveiling ceremony. Secrets of an 1800s nunnery revealed. The women are emailingAlopecia, haterbrags and Donald Fagen's Coachella diary. Down and drought in Beverly Hills. “Yes, and people are just stepping over his body.” Dying aloneAgainst immortality.


"These have always brought me luck." Azealia Banks is such a magical ice princess that her medusa-like hair snakes don't stop writhing even though it is clearly freezing and they are cold-blooded. Can't believe I didn't think of this first.


When old white dudes get paid so much more than you do.
And a correction: I forgot to credit last week's egg gif to NPR's The Salt. My apologies.

I endorse:

RADAR's Diary Auction! This is such an incredible fundraising idea: Bid to win a personal, private, never-seen-before diary from Kim Gordon, Eileen Myles, Margaret Cho, Tavi Gevinson, Lili Taylor, Dave Eggers, Michelle Tea, and more. All the money benefits San Francisco's RADAR Productions, which organizes literary arts programs that "authentically reflect Queer communities’ experiences." BID HERE.

I'm not sure if I endorse:

Culottes. It appears these are a thing again.

Live! In person:

April 18: LA Times Festival of Books. I'll be moderating a panel featuring Mallory Ortberg, Issa Rae, and Pamela Ribon. Admission is free, but all advance online tickets have been claimed. However! You might still be able to get in: A limited number of tickets will be available at the on-site ticket booth on Saturday. Every venue has a standby line, and at 10 minutes prior to the event, they start giving away unclaimed seats to people who are waiting.


"There are moments where you are exhausted from the week and then you see @annfriedman's newsletter and are excited for weekend reading." -Eric Michael Garcia. There are moments when I am exhausted from the week and then I have to make a newsletter. I do it anyway. That's how you know I love you all.

".@annfriedman's Tiny Letter is the inbox equivalent of great coffee brought to you in bed by someone you can rigorously debate with." -Anna Connell. I, too, love rigorous debate. Which is why I cover difficult topics like culottes.

"YO @annfriedman weekly dropped in my inbox at the exact moment this bacon came out of the oven. #bestfriday" -Mina Farzad. I hope you brought it to somebody in bed.

"Confession: Every Friday, I seriously look forward to the @annfriedman weekly. So much knowledge. No shame, get on that. (drops mic)" -Lakeidra Chavis. (picks up mic) (thanks Lakeidra)

"Here comes the part of my Friday where I gchat every line of the @annfriedman newsletter to all of you unlucky enough to be online with me" -Julia Carpenter. Now you can gchat them your *own* line from this newsletter. It's about to get SO META in that tiny window. 

This newsletter does not actually have your money.
Forward it to the person who does.

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