March 06, 2015

Bad b!tches only

On Being a Badass -
It's possible to be tough without being cold and disconnected.

The illusion of pure originality -
Sometimes smart people make similar things. Deal with it.

I'm reading:

How you doin'? A letter from black America. What it's like to go to court in FergusonJohn Roberts can't relate. Since when is a court a therapist? Running while stoned. A related startup. Project management for the soul. Mt. Everest is a "fecal time-bomb." Normal people are confused by "thought leadership." No. What media can learn from Beyonce, and the future of the race beatThe language of landscape. A jungle grows in Dallas. The Japanese Beethoven who wasn't what he seemed. Hilary Mantel on MadonnaHeroin, brain enhancers, and so-called natural flavors. A girl's guide to purity and styling One Direction. Finding pleasure with chronic pain. Debating "transface" in Hollywood. Going AWOL in Canada. "I came from a good family." A man in a van. A toast to the douchebags. Cobrasnake as fitness guru. The Jane Fonda workout revisited. A delightful profile of Danny DeVito. An Asian American homecoming to L.A. Living that fortysomething life. Your internet friends are real. Reach out and touch somebody.


The synthesizer nerds who worked with Stevie Wonder. A Chinese air pollution documentary. Child poverty in Silicon Valley, where two parents can work full-time and still be homeless. Redesigning women characters and reframing success. Rebecca Traister on cable news "in the midst of having it all." The Smithsonian Folkways Lead Belly collection.


Related: Neil DeGrasse Tyson on what it's like to become a meme

I endorse:

The new season of RuPaul's Drag Race, which is the best competition-style "reality" show ever created. Charisma! Uniqueness! Nerve! Talent!

Live! In person:

March 18, New York: I'm reading at The Baffler's new issue release party, along with Lucy Ellmann and Eugenia Williamson. Tickets available here.

April 18, Los Angeles: I am moderating at panel at the LA Times Festival of Books featuring Mallory Ortberg, Issa Rae, and Pamela Ribon!! Can you believe that lineup? Swoon.


"best thing ever is when you forget friday means @annfriedman's newsletter BUT THEN IT APPEARS IN YOUR INBOX." -Priya Anand. Best thing ever is when you do the newsletter on Thursday night and just wake up and hit send. Worst thing ever is when you wake up hungover AND THEN YOU'RE LIKE OH SHIT IT'S FRIDAY I STILL HAVE TO DO THE NEWSLETTER.

"The only thing distracting me from sadness this afternoon is @annfriedman's newsletter." -celelorial. R U OK? :::Hugs:::

"I welcome all manner of @annfriedman in my inbox." -Nicholas Quah. Don't leave the door open like that. Gonna have to start spamming you now.

"COMMENCE TWEETING EVERYTHING FROM @annfriedman WEEKLY" -Holly Munson. In my head, I hear this in robot voice. 

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