October 25, 2013

Be my BFF?

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Be Mine: Why It’s Smart to Court Your Friends - NYmag.com

I knew I wanted to be Amina’s friend because she was wearing a homemade “Chuck+Blair” shirt at our friend Dayo’s Gossip Girl viewing party. I knew I wanted to be Stephanie’s friend when I kept bumping into her at parties with a large bottle of Jameson in the crook of her arm. I knew I wanted to be Nikki’s friend when I saw her read her fiction. And on and on and on! I have so many stories of friend-love-at-first-sight followed by unabashed pursuit.

Not Qualified for Your Job? Wait, You Probably Are - Pacific Standard magazine

This week is all warm fuzzies and affirmations.

The Hoarders Pie - The Hairpin

“I’m throwing it all away.” -Phil Collins

Shine Theory - Online News Association keynote address with Aminatou Sow

If you missed the livestream, you can still listen to the whole thing. Also, if you ever have a chance to do some public speaking with your best friend, I highly recommend it.

Men's Sports, Political Influence and Sexual Assault - KCRW’s To the Point
I was on this NPR segment discussing rape and social media.

The Book of Jezebel

...is out this week! I wrote the entries about Murphy Brown, and Ms. magazine, and (what else?) female friendship. And there is so much other great stuff in this gorgeous tome. Your coffee table is naked without it.

I'm reading:

The story of sriracha and the PSL. ”I wanted kids, just not now. Then. Sometime in the future when I’d fully burned off the anxiety inherited from my mother’s unlived life.” Women still don’t understand their birth control options, but overall the pill has been great for America. A grown-up kid-gone-missing finds home using Google Earth. San Francisco is really into orgasmic meditation, meanwhile 45% of Japanese women aged 16-24 "were not interested in or despised sexual contact.” The case for having serious relationships in your 20s. Syria’s news smugglers. A cheater’s history of cheating. “My grandmother and I still haven’t spoken about what happened during the summer of 1999.” Stealth economic trends and hunting in Wisconsin. The Senate is still an old boys’ club. Jezebel founder Anna Holmes is wonderful. Photographer Stephen Shore is a delight. Chris Kraus is a baller. And thank god Conan O’Brien joined LinkedIn.


That boob jiggle!

I endorse:

The Devil’s Promenade, a series of photographs by Lara Shipley and Antone Dolezal documenting a strange rural Ozarks phenomenon that locals call the Spook Light and even Army engineers are at a loss to explain. Buy the book or one of these stunning prints. I also love this local news report.


This is the fifth in a recurring series in which I explain concepts you’re already quite familiar with. Thanks to “zombie anxiety pills” for this week’s query! Would you like me to Annsplain something to you? Submit a request.

HOW DO I SURVIVE THE APOCALYPSE WITHOUT A MAN? The bad news is that, statistically speaking, you aren’t going to survive the apocalypse, with or without a man. This is why it is called an apocalypse: Basically everyone dies. The good news is that, in the meantime, you can just continue living your fabulous man-free life! (This question may or may not have inspired me to create a Zombie Carrie Bradshaw Halloween costume.)


Was already Reaganing today, and then I got the #FriedmanFridays newsletter at 9:05AM. Does it get any better than this?  -Cathryn Stickel. Had totally forgotten about Reaganing.

I love Ann Friedman's newsletter. I just forwarded it to three friends I thought would also love it. Although I'm positive she never sleeps. Should we be worried?“ -my friend Jack’s sister Natalie. Thank you for your concern! Last week was rough but I slept sooo much this week.

“Sunday mornings are for finally reading all of the links in @annfriedman's amazing amazing Friday newsletters.” -Lydia Kats.

Met somebody last night who knew who @annfriedman is. Obviously we are #BFFs for life now.” -Krista Rondeau

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Forward it to the person you’re friend-courting. I want you two to become besties.

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