November 15, 2013

Beam me up

This week’s work (it was mostly play):

The Future of Newspapers - Takei’s Take

I beam in at the 2:20 mark.

Pie chart: What do we have in common with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford? - The Hairpin

Disappointed in myself for not finding a way to reference this amazing GIF.

On Buzzfeed’s all-positive books section - Columbia Journalism Review

Is it possible to not go negative and still be relevant?

I'm reading:

On being single and being a foreigner in contemporary China. The “nice girls” of Yelp for men. This sexual harassment case is unreal. Where’s the justice for Renisha McBride? It’s hard out here for a white feminist. A plan to increase diversity in Silicon Valley. Elizabeth Warren is awesome but probably not a primary challenge for Hillary. Mmmmm, a dumpling dynasty. The story of a miscarriage and the story of an abortion. On Nazi anatomy and its modern implications. Who killed journalist Michael Hastings? Let’s be clear: Alcohol is a weapon of rapists. Angel Haze talks about surviving. What not to say to veterans and to sick people. Things I love: Anchorman. Bill Callahan. Wet Hot American Summer. American whiskeys and bourbons.


You guys, Pitbull has a tumblr. Since I discovered this fact, I have not stopped loling. Thank you, Amina. Thank you.

I endorse:

The desert. Though I might be too enthusiastic about it. Yesterday I pulled an echinocactus polycephalus out of my shin and nearly put my eye out on a large agave. #joshuatreeproblems


“I put ‘Read Ann Friedman newsletter’ on my to-do list each week. This week it's above ‘laundry’ and below ‘plan November banquet’ which I hope makes me sound mysterious and interesting. -Molly Labell. BRB, now planning my own mysterious banquet.

#Truth: Last night as I was turning out the kitchen light, I thought: "Great, tomorrow's Friday. The @annfriedman weekly comes out." - Maghan McDowell.

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