March 27, 2015

Better late than never

Just got back to California, and it is SO GOOD to be home. I've been in New York, which is supremely dreary. I kept asking people if they are happy living there. I think only one person said yes. Most sidestepped the happiness question and replied with something like, "I love New York."

This week:

A few months ago, I went to parties with college students and interviewed them about sexual consent. (Yes, it is difficult to ask much-younger people about their sex lives without seeming like a creep.) And there's an advice-laden new episode of Call Your Girlfriend. We discuss how to start a podcast and how to make friends after college.

I'm reading:

On being black and leaving America. Toni Morrison on artists' obligations to social justice. The shut-in economy vs. the rest of America. Facebook is the new AOL. (What does that make AOL?) Birkenstocks were designed based on the "fear reflex." Against the minimalist pixie dream girl and Medium's minimalism, too. A widower is still fighting for his marriage rights. Marriage doesn't solve poverty. Signs you're clueless about income inequality. Can you just create a neighborhood? Why chocolate nerds hate the Mast brothers. A legend among roadies. Interviews with M.I.A., feminist comedian Aparna Nacherla, and 93-year-old park ranger. Medicine's gender bias. And I woke up like this.


What 480 days of paternity leave looks like. Writers in their writing rooms.


Killer Mike, specifically. (via NPR)

I endorse:

This method for reviving stale bread. (Thanks, Amina.)

Live! In person:

March 28, Los Angeles: I'll be at BinderCon. My table at the networking lunch is full, alas, but I'll probably be kicking around the conference during the afternoon. Say hi.

April 18, Los Angeles: I'm moderating an all-star panel (featuring Mallory Ortberg, Issa Rae, and Pamela Ribon!) at the LA Times Festival of Books. Come fangirl with me.


"I decided it was a make myself steak and asparagus, drink wine and catch up on @annfriedman's newsletter kind of night." -Kelly Dickey. This seems relevant to your plans.

"I "patiently" await @annfriedman's newsletters on Fridays. (jk I click refresh 3729374 times a minute)." -Natalie Harms. Lots of refreshing today, huh?
"An app that simultaneously opens all the @annfriedman Weekly links in a new window is in high demand on my computer." -Kevin Simowitz. Where is the VC who will fund this brilliant idea?

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