July 12, 2013

Blergh lines

Blurring the Lines: How to Enjoy Maybe-Sexist Music - NYmag.com

A perennial problem. What is the most politically questionable song that you love? Let’s make a playlist.

#realtalk: Your first salary negotiation - Columbia Journalism Review

Girls, girls, get that cash. Here’s how. (I mean, this advice applies to boys, too, and non-journalists, but I was inspired to write this column after a few requests from up-and-coming ladyjournos about how to ask for more money.)

Pie chart: Why are we creepin’? - The Hairpin

I’m thinking about making a chart for every song I love.

Foreign Scorn: The real reasons outsiders hate L.A. - Los Angeles magazine

From the August issue, my highly scientific breakdown of L.A. haterade.

I'm reading:

On the inspiring efforts of my friend Danielle Dirks and other people at Occidental College who really don’t like rape. The unmade house, and the unquenchable desire that fuels fast fashion. Ugh, “Paris thin.” What one man learned on paternity leave. The evolution of one state’s abortion regulations, and one mother’s story. The benefits of nostalgia and the art of intimacy. Men want what they want. They gayest little theater in Virginia. “You can touch my hair.” On race, income, and voting, plus the history of the Supreme Court case that gutted the Voting Rights Act. An excellent dispatch from the protests in Turkey. The problem with work-centric feminism. The other millennials. Why there aren’t more top-earning female comedians. Life advice from Jane Campion. How Kanye and Jay Z feast on young talent. The death of an annoying-music specialist. Reconsidering Juliana Hatfield and Scott Walker

And last but not least: (  .  ) (  .  )

Spirit animal:

I laughed so hard at this video about avoiding bear attacks that I almost had a stroke. Of course Dylan sent it to me, because he and I are incredibly YouTube/lol compatible. And of course he got one of his coworkers at The Verge to make this gif when I requested one. That is an A+ friend.

I endorse:

Flossing. Ok, so I went to the dentist this week (no cavities!) and while I was lying there with the little suction thing dangling out of the corner of my mouth, I thought about how I’m really more into the psychological benefits of flossing than the dental. There is something about flossing every night that just makes me feel like I’ve got my life together.


“You are the internets greatest genius of today.” -an editor. An editor, you guys. Like, what? But thanks.

“Other newsletters sit in my inbox unread and induce stress and guilt. Yours always has the opposite effect.” -Evren Kiefer

“This newsletter is a Friday-afternoon joy, and you're an inspiration. Seriously.” -Alex Garrison

Sometimes I just glance at the loopy visuals or read a few paragraphs to refresh my sass. Write on!” -a reader named Leslie. I have just added to my summer to-do list: Create a cocktail called the “sass refresher.”

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