August 16, 2013

Booking it across the globe

My words are included in two new books!

The Book of Jezebel: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Lady Thingsl

I’m pleased to have contributed, along with dozens of writers and illustrators I love and respect, to this compendium of awesomeness. Pre-order it. Like it on Facebook. Follow it on Twitter. All of this.

The New Ethics of Journalism: A Guide for the 21st Century

I wrote the chapter on diversity in this new book from The Poynter Institute. It’s out now. Buy it if you’re a huge nerd.

I'm reading:

Flann O’Brien’s brilliant The Third Policeman. The student loan scandal. Ugh, startup bros are the worst. Stoya on her feminism. A chat with Kathleen Hanna. Van Dyke Parks talks about Harry Nilsson. The ennui of upper-middle-class motherhood. How are Gen X slackers supposed to have a midlife crisis? “Multiple studies document that children from Iowa to Italy have established a powerful aversion to fat—and to fat children—as young as age 3.” Russia is doing some terrible things to gay people. A tale of catfishing, OK Cupid, and sexting in 1880, and a tale of keeping a handwritten notebook in 2013. Jane Smiley on southwest Wisconsin, featuring the aside that Frank Lloyd Wright did not like tall people, “whom he compared to weeds.” Observations about sex and power from a tipless restaurant. I love vegetables. And breakfast tacos.

Spirit animal:

I’m home in L.A. for a 24-hour interlude between London and Cleveland. Won’t lie, I feel a little crazy.

I'm speaking:

at Weapons of Mass Creation fest in Cleveland this weekend, alongside my top design bro Dylan Lathrop. You can still get tickets! You can also reply to this email with recommendations about the best bars, record shops, and thrift stores in Cleveland.

I endorse:

Coffee. The only thing standing between me and a full-on faceplant.


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