April 07, 2014

Bromantically inclined

[This is last Friday's newsletter, which I wasn't able to send due to technical difficulties. Better late than never?]

HBO's 'Silicon Valley' Is a Cynical Show with a Gooey Center - The New Republic

I liked this show so much I compared it to ‘Entourage.’

Let People Coming Out Choose Their Labels Themselves - NYmag.com

As Zak put it, “Who even cares about gaydar? That’s why we have Grindr”. Also, bonus flowchart!

Pie chart: What are we trying to pass off as performance art? - The Hairpin

Excuses, excuses.

Dear reader - Columbia Journalism Review

On the value of loyalty.

Listen to my conversation from last week on To the Point with Warren Olney (who is probably the nicest human being on the planet) about ageism and sexism and lots of other -isms in the tech world.

I’m reading:

The problem with big data. Men and women even experience virtual reality differently. Nerding out about radio distribution. White liberals prefer black intellectuals who are hopeful. A key fact about black Americans’ mobility—and what happens when you have nowhere to turn. Navigating photography’s bias against dark skin. Some things you should know before you attempt to regulate a hairstyle. USAID’s boneheaded idea to secretly make a “Cuban Twitter.” Understanding #CancelColbert. The ice fortress as protest tool. Love in exile. Bad sex. The labor rights of NFL cheerleaders and the politics of celebrity labor. What Tonya Harding teaches us about the academy. ‘MFA vs. NYC’ is really all about how writers make money. On (not) getting by in the gig economy. The working class cares too much, IMHO.


An important video about accessories for career women. Danceteria. Samuel L. Jackson reads slam poetry about “Boy Meets World.” I got you, Beav.



It's not sexual. Or maybe it is. Sort of. Either way, it's beautiful.

I endorse:

Adult family vacations. I spent most of this week with my mom and sister, on a trip my mother referred to as a “female rendezvous.” I learned that I am quite comfortable being the only person at the table drinking booze, that Sequence is indeed an “exciting” game of strategy, and that Amish romance novels exist (my sister has read several.) I am sorry to report that I do not endorse Sister Act: The Musical, and mourn the loss of those three hours of my life.


"last semester fridays were the perfect day to read @annfriedman's but now I work on fridays and don't have the time do i quit my job help” - a total genius whose twitter bio links to vom.com, aka Valley of the Moon, aka Sonoma Valley’s Premier Internet Provider.

“Reading @annfriedman's newsletter with a glass of wine during my funemployment stint: priceless.” - Krista Rondeau

“@googlechrome, please consider adding "open all recommended reading from @annfriedman's newsletter in tabs" feature. thanks in advance!” - Jessie Rogers

Also The Washington Post is biting my style. I consider that a major media endorsement.

This newsletter proudly lacks gaydar.

Forward it to friends of all sexualities.

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