July 05, 2013

Declaration of independence

Traveling Solo: A Manifesto for the Modern Woman - NYmag.com

I’m not sure it’s really a manifesto, but hey! Related treats: I made a travel playlist. And from the archives, my Tips for the Solo Woman Road Warrior.

Pie chart: Why are we comfy with a lifetime of spinsterhood? - The Hairpin

Let me count the ways..

I'm reading:

AMERICA! The histories of misplaced race shame, the slur “cracker,” and the Voting Rights Act. What non-citizens think of NSA spying. Homemade records and the lyrics of Sparks. A walk through Didion’s L.A. and a phenomenal essay on Rodney King and David Hockney and race in Southern California. Life as a drone pilot. Revisiting “Commie Camp” and comment-section feuds about pubic grooming. The consultants who explain D.C. to Hollywood. Eloquent fuck-yous to Ed Koch and (again) the Texas Legislature. And I’ll add one for North Carolina, too. Swoonsville, population Rob Delaney. I am very emotionally even-keeled and coudn’t be “pixie” if I tried, so I don’t really relate to this essay about being a Manic Pixie Dream Girl—but it’s exce7llent. A history of tattooed women. Oh, and I’ve found a new #lifespiration: “marvelous spinster” Barbara Pym.

Spirit animal:

Crop-toppin’ anyway. Get on board.

I endorse:

This little Le Ciel De France cooler I bought in Japan has really upped my beach game. And my beach game was already pretty tight.


Crucial endorsement from Colin Raney in his excellent post about the rebirth of the newsletter.

Quick question: do members of the Ann Friedman Fan Club get jackets or membership cards? Just wanted to know because SIGN ME UP.” - Kelseylk. Ok, so I’m not actually going to create this, but I would consider it if we could get group whiskey discounts or something?

Who am I kidding? You are not forwarding this to friends. It’s a minor miracle you opened this newsletter at all, and even more shocking that you read to the end. (Thank you, devoted reader!) But really, ugh, who wants to deal with the internet right now? It’s peak summer.