September 13, 2013

Don’t faze me, bro

How Do You Change a Bro-Dominated Culture? -

I think this could work. At least as a stopgap until they invent some sort of Bro-B-Gone spray that prevents them from taking up too much space.

Pie chart: What do we have in common with that bro? - The Hairpin

Is there a support group for people who still miss Entourage? I’d like to join.

That Time You Went Outside with No Pants - The Awl

I was interviewed about my weekly semi-clothed dash to retrieve the Sunday newspaper from my front sidewalk.


Shine Theory, The Live Experience!

My bestie Aminatou Sow and I will be keynote speakers at the Online News Association’s annual conference in October. We’ll be talking about how to apply this concept to media. And running amok in Atlanta. I cannot wait.

Busy Beaver Button-O-Matic

The most excellent Dylan Lathrop and I collaborated on these awesome Built 2 Chill buttons for the Busy Beaver Button-O-Matic. Find one near you!

I'm reading:

On 9/11 in the long term. Joan Didion demolishes Manhattan, and replies to her own critic, “Oh, wow. How to eat salad and leave a proper tip. What Bill DiBlasio’s victory says about the new-new left and about race in America. The militarism of CrossFit and the illusions of fashion blogging. A horrifying investigative report about adopted children who are given away online.Who gets to say what counts as a country? “My ghosts were once people.” Nine questions about Britain you were afraid to ask. Jellyfish! Women are more risk-averse, not less corrupt. In case you’re looking for new women to crush on, may I suggest Jessica Hopper and Anna Holmes? Or, throwback style, Roseanne. How Facebook makes us unhappy and the rich are getting richer. A tiny record empire in Cleveland and treasure hunting with a Chinese scrap-metal scavenger. What we talk about when we talk about crafting. R.I.P., patriarchy. The bro-centricity of the internet and digital journalism and the gaming world and male-written female literary icons. Semantic satiation: when words are used so often they lose their meaning.

Spirit animal:

Forever, for always.

I endorse:

PLUOTS. I cannot stop eating them. In every variety. If I didn’t have such a book backlog, I would devour this book about “the hunt for the elusive pluot.”

A follow-up: After last week’s endorsement, several of you replied with your own backstage riders. If the readers of this newsletter were to go on tour together, our rider would look something like this:

- Fresh figs, pluots, apricots, and/or strawberries [Ed note: You guys, we are so in sync.]

- 750 ml. bottle of MacAllan (12-Year or 18-Year)

- travel size container of Q-tip brand cotton swabs

- lounge chair with ottoman (between 8"-15")

- (2) baguettes (fresh baked that morning)

- (2) wedges of Brie

- Oxford English Dictionary

- No overhead lighting (pink light bulbs and candle light, preferred)

- Madecasse 70% dark chocolate

- Utz rippled potato chips and french onion dip

- 6 perfectly ripe avocados

- A great massage therapist + someone to touch up my shellac mani pedi

- A very comfy (not at all gross) couch

- Wifi, duh.

- Temperature-specific toilets

We are all into sexy lighting and comfort seating and snacks. SO PROUD of this crew. Cannot wait to take our show on the road.


"You rock my Fridays. But my iPad, while able to define louche, has no clue what listicle means. And neither does spell checker, which just tried to change it to "list ice."" -drfalconer. Don’t worry, Wikipedia’s got you covered.

“I love ur newsletter.” -Esther, who wrote to tell me she got pregnant while relying on a period-tracker app. Probably a good time to mention that I’m not a doctor or a family-planning expert, folks.

This newsletter is the digital equivalent of a strong, awkward hug with two slaps on the back. 

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