May 03, 2013

Don't let the haters stop you from doing your thang.

The Disapproval Matrix -

A little chart to help you separate productive feedback from undermining haterade. You can listen to me chat with the BBC World Service about it (about 18 minutes in). Also featured on Slate and Boing Boing!

When Lesbian Athletes Come Out, We Hardly Notice -

On decoupling women's heterosexuality and femininity. Special thanks to my spirit guide to the world of athletics, Megan Greenwell.

Branded but ‘independent’ media - Columbia Journalism Review

Can you make journalism for a non-journalistic outlet and keep your integrity? As Jessica Hopper tweeted, this is THE QUESTION for new J-school grads. Also it features the best comment ever: “Good reporting but the Vine videos are very distracting and add nada to the story. It's bad enough I have to see these trendy and (usually) poorly done video loops on twitter now on CJR?”

Pie chart: Why are we flaking? - The Hairpin

Inspired by real-life events, namely my dear friend Jessica Guilfoyle’s consumption of a whole wheel of gouda. (I wasn’t even mad. It was amazing.)

Odds and Ends: Publishing Perspectives interviewed me about GIFs and the art of digital self-promotion. I’m quoted in the latest CJR cover story about the future of news. And I chatted with my friend Angeline Gragasin about birth control.

I'm reading:

David Byrne’s How Music Works. Mac’s heartbreaking story about her schizophrenic cousin. Why home health-care providers are the best and why some idiots think black babies need “saving.” An Indiana-Jonesy tale of bold librarians. A conversation with a Bangladeshi garment worker. (I'm feeling real good about my devotion to secondhand shopping lately.) The myth of male hilarity. Profiles of the jihadist who's twitter-pals with the people who are hunting him, the anonymous journalist behind Mexico's most controversial blog about the drug war, and Tommy Lasorda's gay son. A delightful as-told-to from Rihanna’s stylist—can we be BFFs, please? And so much word-nerd stuff: Hanging with Mr. Zinsser. A history of punctuation. On the singular "they." On writers’ second thoughts. A lovefest between George Saunders and his editor. The river-of-news approach to publishing. And what it feels like to be plagiarized.

Spirit animals:

Janelle and Erykah. The booty don’t lie.

Spring Domination Tour:

This week: Iowa. I am sending this from my parents’ kitchen. Yep.

Next week: Home to Los Angeles! I’ve been dreaming about my bougainvillea and the farmers market and sleeping in my own bed and dancing alone in my living room. After the past month, I have a whole new respect for touring musicians.

I endorse:

Happy Joe’s taco pizza. This is a most delicious treat.


“Brilliant and useful.” - The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle on The Disapproval Matrix. (I DIED when I saw this, you guys.)

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