June 28, 2013

Don’t mess with Texas women

On Wendy Davis, the Supreme Court, and Speaking Out as a Woman - NYmag.com

Ok, so this happened on Tuesday. Shortly after the clock struck midnight in Texas, I was on the phone with Katie Naranjo, who was still at the capitol. I asked her how it felt to watch Wendy Davis up there for hours, representing so hard. And she replied, “We were her and she was us,” with the roaring crowd in the background. I was like, I LOVE WOMEN. I LOVE MY JOB. I LOVE TEXAS.

How to make politics and policy reporting sexy - Columbia Journalism Review

I talked to the editor of the nonprofit Texas Tribune about their moment in the spotlight this week.

Pie chart: Why do we kinda want to get married? - The Hairpin

Don’t worry. Next week’s pie chart is a pro-spinsterhood retort.

I'm reading:

The Voting Rights Act is gone because... so is racism? Oof. This message brought to you by Paula Deen and Italian soccer fans. The largest LGBT massacre in America wasn’t Stonewall, and a personal queer history. This old Mimi Swartz profile of Ann Richards. A Q&A with Antony, hangtimes with Pussy Riot, and an oral history of Exile in Guyville. Sad, white indie rock. Two great pieces on NSA surveillance and the male gaze. Checking in with the women on the receiving end of Anthony Weiner’s dick pics. Almost everything in this 40 Towns project. On Brazil: “None of this happened overnight.” Revisiting the Boston Marathon attack. Gentrifying Iowa. A walk through Lebbeus Wood’s Earthwave (which was expertly welded together by my good pal Ryan). Turns out you can wait quite awhile to procreate. Good luck getting an abortion in most states. A conversation about putting stuff in your online shopping cart and never checking out. I'm soaking up Patrick DeWitt’s Ablutions while sipping Jameson. Cough. See also: Kingsley Amis on hangovers.

Spirit animals:

Yeah, I made these myself after searches for “barbara jordan dominating everything gif” and “ann richards total baller gif” failed to turn up any results. They are now the first two in what I’ve decided will be an ongoing GIF series of Great Women in U.S. Politics. First step: Create a list of women who need to be animated and Tumblr’d. Reply to this email with your nominations.

I endorse:

Queso, chips, and Topo Chico. While listening to Selena.


You're the only person in the world who managed to make Kanye West a human being to me. I love these emails. Every time I get one on this trip I go "oh shit - it's Friday!”” -my friend Lauren Smitelli, who is running around Europe all summer, living her best life. Kanye would approve.

“After your newsletter endorsement of orange lipstick a few weeks ago, I went out and bought some. I love it and have been wearing it every day since. But the salesperson at CVS forgot to ring it up with the rest of the items, so when I got home I realized that actually, I stole orange lipstick because Ann Friedman told me to. So...thank you?” - stylish outlaw Lizzie Wade

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