September 11, 2015

Don't tell me to smile

This week:

Kim Davis and the long road to equality. Starting over when you least expect it. And surprising bellybutton facts on the latest episode of Call Your Girlfriend. (PSA: The podcast is going on hiatus for a few weeks after this episode so we can make some tech upgrades.) Plus, I'm interviewed in the article about the economics of freelance writing.

I'm reading:

What's in refugees' bags? "All in." Supportive male partners and equality-minded dads. Ignore your feelings! The radical politics of The Golden GirlsDowagers of color. This war between two ice cream vendors is less depressing than the war on women"You promised me you wouldn't kill me." The art of omission. When the 9/11 dust settles. Why the rich love Burning Man. L.A. is nice. A vintage shopper's lamentBeware of personality tests. Helicopter children and parents of goths, lol. Dolphins and water bears. Rob Delaney's drunk history, a very detailed history of Franzia, and the case for good tequila. Roxane Gay sets Erica Jong straight. "How do I become the protagonist of a story?” The passion of Ellen WillisGrace Jones pulls no punches, and Grimes produces herself. A prescription for more black doctors. How do we get more people to care about the environment? Thank an unapologetic fat woman today! And, relevant to all of our interests: How to be a better online reader.

Pie chart:

The Over It Pie. View the pie archive here.
Footnotes: Affable white men, tech non-events, papal decreesentitled poetsthe Queenlip fillers.


A lecture and reading list from Sun Ra. NASA's 1970s graphic standards. In praise of uncomfortable conversations. Listen to En Vogue sing an acceptance speech.  Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.


Stay gold.

I endorse:

Not smiling if you don't feel like it. Let them Photoshop it in later. (Related.)


Sept 15, Los Angeles: I'll be talking to Rachel Hills about her new book, The Sex Myth, at Pages bookstore in Manhattan Beach. Details here.

Sept 28, online: I'm doing a live ask-me-anything chat for ProductHunt. Sign up for a reminder to submit your questions. 


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